How to Do Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Updated at: Mar 06, 2012
How to Do Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot stone massage therapy: Hot volcanic stones are used to give massage and provide instant relief. These hot stones soak all the pain giving relaxation and cure.

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Hot massage therapy, as the name suggests uses moderately heated stones to provide massage. It provides a greater degree of relaxation and cures all pain and tensions.

Generally volcanic stones or basalt stones are used for the purpose of massage. These stones are placed all over the body and are moved slowly and smoothly on the body to provide calmness. It modifies the circulation of blood and treats the skin ailments too. It also improves body metabolism.

Steps to do hot massage therapy:

  • Clean the stones properly before starting the massage therapy as volcanic stones contain ashes and some impurities on their surface. Dip the stones in a disinfectant to ensure that they are thoroughly clean.
  • Put the stones in a crock pot and gently heat them while covering the lid. Heat them for about 30 minutes. Keep checking to avoid any burning. Do not overheat them as it may cause burning of the skin.
  • Wrap a cloth or sheet on the legs of the person to make a blockage between his skin and the stones.
  • Different sized stones are put on different parts of the body. A big sized stone is placed on the upper left leg, middle of the hamstring, on the back of the knee and a small stone on the centre of the calf.
  • Start massaging the right leg with the largest stone and keep moving towards the heart area. Then keep the small stones on the right leg and repeat the same process for the left leg.
  • Wrap the lower back with a cloth and cover it with small heated stones to provide warmth to the muscles. Massage properly with the hot stones to relax the muscles.
  • Now place the big stones on the upper back, neck, shoulders and arms. Leave them for 10-15 minutes.
  • Stones are then removed from the upper back, neck, shoulders and arms followed by a massage at these areas.
  • Cover the legs with a cloth and put stones on the upper, middle and lower thighs.
  • Start massaging the arms and after it is over, wrap the arms. The stones are placed on the arms too.
  • Repeat the procedure for feet also.

Hot massage therapy is extremely beneficial to treat any kind of muscular strain, muscle cramps and muscle twitch. Accompanying massage with warm stones provides physical and mental calmness, unlocks the bone movement and heals the body.


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