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How to do a Pedicure in just 7 Simple Steps

Fashion & Beauty By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Apr 06, 2014
How to do a Pedicure in just 7 Simple Steps

With our DIY guide on how to do a pedicure, you will fall in love with your feet. In just 7 steps, your feet will look as if you got a professional pedicure.

A pedicure can rob you off your pocket, especially if you get all the necessities like scrubbing, painting, etc done along with the obvious cleaning. Let us bring you in on a secret:you do not have to always hit the salon for beautiful legs; you could just be in your pyjamas at home and follow our very special DIY guide on how to do a pedicure. So, whether all you need is to soften the callused feet or do a little bit of pampering, this pedicure DIY will make it a completely free-of-cost and free-of-trouble pedicure. So, here we begin!

pedicure at home

Gather the Supplies

To get started on your personalized pedicure, be mindful of all the things that you will need. Grab a tub of warm water for soaking your feet, nail file, nail clippers, nail buffer, cuticle stick, pumice stone or any scrubbing brush, base coat, clear top and a nail polish colour of your choice. Some other supplies that you can gather for an extra nice pedicure include bath salts, cuticle trimmers, lotion for a soothing massage and cuticle oil.

Remove Nail Polish

If are nails are already painted, get it removed before beginning the pedicure. Get the bits sticking around the cuticles off as well.

Soak your Feet

Fill a tub with warm water and add a spoonful of bath salt or oil to it. Now, put your feet in and sit back and relax. Let your feet soak in the warmth for at least 10 minutes. The water will soften the calluses and remove all the diet and grime that may have stuck to the nails. The warmth will also soften the nails as well as cuticles, which is very important when you are thinking of painting your toes anew.  

how to do pedicure at home

Cut and File Nails

Trim your nails down to the size that you want by using a pair of nail clippers. The nails must be trimmed short enough to see a bit of the white at the tips. Once cut, use the nail file to buff down sharp edges. Avoid cutting your nails in a round shape and try filing the nails in the same direction of the cut.

Prepare the Cuticles for painting

You could chip out this step, but if you want to paint your nails, doing it would give you amazing results. Use a cuticle stick to push back cuticle around each nail. If you have cuticle trimmers handy, cut away the excess of cuticle skin that has been building up over a period of time. Rub cuticle oil on the area when you are done.

Clean your Feet and Soften them

Take the pumice stone and scrub the calluses on the heel as well as the ball of your feet. You can leisurely scrub these areas however hard you want because the skin on these areas is very thick. Once you have removed dried skin, use a scrubbing brush to clean the foot completely. Use the brush between your toes as well as all over the bridge of the foot. You could add soap to clean the feet completely.


Remove your feet from the water and dry them. You could now massage using a layer of oil. Before you apply the nail paint to your toe nails, make sure to apply a coat of clear base coat. This will prevent your toe nails from yellowing.


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