How to deal with Schizophrenia for would-be-mothers

    How to deal with Schizophrenia for would-be-mothers

    For a schizophrenic to be pregnant could be a difficult thing altogether when compared to a regular pregnancy. Here are ways for you to deal with the pregnancy of a schizophrenic woman.

    Schizophrenia is a mental disorder, the stream of thought that one usually have tends to breakdown and there seems to be a deficit of emotional responses that are typical to one. It could be related to pregnancy too.

    woman in front angle and side anglesPregnancy does not seem like something that could be directly connected with schizophrenia, but the fact is that they do come together. The alarming fact is that when they do come together they can be potentially dangerous. It is believed that sound mental health is very necessary during pregnancy, mostly because of the baby’s own health. Therefore a possibility of schizophrenia at the prenatal stage could be very dangerous for the mother and the child. When a woman is suffering from prenatal schizophrenia she must be helped to deal with it the following ways.


    Medications that are given to schizophrenic patients such as anti-depressants and tranquilizers could harm the baby. These medicines could also get concentrated in the mammary glands and thus infect the mother’s breast milk. Therefore, it is best to use counseling instead of oral drugs as part of a prenatal care for schizophrenia. If in case this does not turn out this way then after delivery the mother must not be permitted to nurse the child for the benefit of the child.


    It is found that schizophrenics tend to smoke, and so for women who wish to get pregnant this is a serious concern. It is anyway very well known that women who are pregnant should avoid smoking, as children born to mothers tend to have lower weights and is more prone to catch illnesses such as cold; additionally they also face trouble learning and developing. Women who are schizophrenic should quit smoking and thus safeguard their own health along with the health of their unborn child. The same goes for second hand smoking too, as this too could be harmful.

    Dealing with Unidentified Pregnancy

    The shocking part is that many such schizophrenic women tend to become pregnant unintentionally, and such pregnancies cause problems for the woman and can be dangerous for the child. Now because the woman is schizophrenic there could be a possibility that she does not become aware of her state of being pregnant. This failure to recognize pregnancy could lead to massive complications, all of that one is supposed to be doing when one is pregnant will be easily avoided. But irrespective of the pregnancy being planned or ignored, people in this woman’s life should take care to understand the situation and help her take the required steps.

    It is important for a woman who has a history of schizophrenia to visit a doctor and discuss the situation if she is planning on getting pregnant.

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