How to Deal with Depression in a Relationship

Updated at: Jan 10, 2014
How to Deal with Depression in a Relationship

Depression in a Relationship : You should have coeans of patience to deal with depression in a relationship. Helping your partner to come out of depressive state makes you feel relaxed.

Vatsal Anand
DatingWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jul 01, 2011

Depress boy and girlDealing with depression in a relationship is not easy. Not only do you feel neglected and unwanted but it make yourself to believe that the illness is caused by you. Your partner may be taking anti-depressants but that does not help to solve your problems as he/she still may be too withdrawn to allow for a healthy relationship. If you do not try to get your partner out of the depressive state, your relationship may not last long. You can make use of some tips to help your relationship.

Managing Depression in a Relationship


  • Find education articles or books online or in a library that can give you a better understanding of your partner’s mental state. These resources will also have advice on how to help a person come out of such a mental state. All this will need strong determination on your part to save the relationship.
  • Always show unconditional acceptance to your depressed loved one. Always “be there” for him/her and shower all your affection and support. Make him feel that you do understand him.
  • You will need oceans of patience for getting to grips with your partner’s withdrawn depressive state. Just bear in mind that it has got nothing to do with you. If you start feeling responsible, it will leave you too disturbed to help your partner. The depressive state takes time to go despite best efforts by people trying to help out. So, again have patience!
  • Encourage your partner for seeing a physician or counsellor. Reassure him of being there when the therapy takes place. It will help you keep track of his medicines and routine of therapy. Dealing with it as a team would encourage your partner to recover earlier.
  • Ask your partner to let go of the repressed emotions. Reaffirm it to your partner that he is not worthless. Do not allow build up of negative thoughts inside him.
  • Try to encourage your partner to do some exercise, even if it is taking a walk. It helps to build the chemical endorphin in the brain. It has a calming and relaxing influence on the mind.
  • You must have some activity to unwind as dealing with depressed people is very depressing in itself. It can be anything, a relaxing spa, going to the movies, Yoga and meditation, looking up friends or just taking a long walk. One or more of these will help you prepare better for looking after your partner.


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