How to Clear a Stuffy Nose with Jala Neti

Updated at: Mar 13, 2015
How to Clear a Stuffy Nose with Jala Neti

Jela Neti is a technique which helps you fight allergies caused by change in season. Symptoms like stuffy nose, headache, itchy eyes and congestion can all be treated with this simple procedure.

Vasudha Bhat
AllergyWritten by: Vasudha BhatPublished at: Mar 13, 2015

Some of our body parts react immediately to the change in season. These parts especially include the nasal passage and throat which can cause symptoms that can lay you low. These scary symptoms include stuffy nose, sneezing, itchy eyes and congestion. The change in season could be a cause for some serious allergies, which might require medical attention. But for milder symptoms you can use Jala Neti, which is a technique that cleans the nasal and sinus passages.

Jala Neti Technique
By using this technique, you can clear the excess mucous and bacteria which will relieve your nasal and sinus blockages. Besides, it also refreshes the brain, face, eyes, improves mental clarity and gives immediate relief from allergies, asthma, sinusitis and headaches.

How to do Jala Neti?

Take a Neti pot and fill it with salted lukewarm water. The amount of salt in water should be similar to the salt in your body. While leaning over a sink, tilt your head a little sideways and insert the spout of the pot into one of the nostrils. Start breathing through your mouth.

The water will start flowing through one nostril and will come out of the other. In this process, the water while flowing from one nostril to another will clean your nasal and sinus passages. Blow your nose to clear the mucus and repeat the same procedure from other nostril.

Jala Neti Technique

Keep your mouth open and breathe gently through mouth water passes through. You must try to sniff, swallow or have a moment of air through nose when the water is flowing through.

The water you use in the process must be clean because you don’t want to contract any infection.

You must also take care of the amount of salt and temperature of water because excess of any of the two things can cause burning sensation.

Buying a Neti Pot

Buy a Neti pot which can contain 500ml water. This amount of water is needed to flush the sinuses completely. Check that the end of Neti pot’s spout is tapered and small enough that it plugs into nostril easily.

In order to fight allergies, the technique must be combined with regular exercise and a balanced diet. Exercising is necessary because the more oxygen you put into your system through cardio activity, the more toxins get removed and the more rejuvenated cells will be.

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