How to Choose the Best Baby Products

Updated at: Oct 31, 2011
How to Choose the Best Baby Products

Newborn Care- While buying baby products make sure to check the ingredients and quality of products.

Pratima Sharma
Newborn CareWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Oct 19, 2011

How to Choose the Best Baby ProductsParenthood is undoubtedly exciting, but new parents go overboard when buying baby products. The market is flooded with unlimited varieties of baby products and it is often confusing to choose the right ones. Priority must be given to the safety and quality of the baby products irrespective of the cost. Lured by attractive colours, designs and extensive marketing by the manufacturing companies, parents often overlook some vital factors in baby products that often come with serious health hazards to the baby. Parents are advised to research the manufacturing companies, their reputation and the ingredients used in baby products, whether it’s skin care products, or clothing or toys, parents should be cautious when picking products for their babies.

Many plastic baby products contain toxic chemicals that may cause serious health problems in the future. Plastic bottles contain the toxic chemical Bisphenol A (BPA), which is a harmful pollutant. The National Toxicology Program - conducted by National Institutes of Health - shows the disastrous effects of this chemical, which predominantly affects women and kids. It is therefore wise to choose baby products made from organic materials devoid of any harmful chemicals. Mothers are encouraged to choose green baby products when buying toiletries and toys for their babies. The safest baby products are the best regardless of their cost and show.


How to choose the best baby products?


A wide variety of baby products are required in a baby’s growing stages, such as a bathing kit, toiletries, feeding bowls and toys. Read this article to help you with your selection of baby products.


  • While choosing a baby bath sponge, go for cotton based sponges or pure cotton towels. Avoid using bathing towels or sponges made of mixed fabrics. The skin of a newborn is highly sensitive and prone to rashes.
  • The bio-degradable diapers have high absorption properties and keep the skin soft and supple. They maintain dryness in the bottom areas preventing diaper rash.
  • As babies grow, they start chewing whatever they get within their reach. Baby bath seats, bath tubs, chewing toys and soft toys must be made of non-toxic materials and colours to prevent harmful chemicals entering their bodies.
  • Choose baby products with organic components. Some branded baby shampoos and body lotions contain formaldehyde and other carcinogenic substances. Fragrances and perfumes added to these baby products may cause allergic reactions in the babies. Study the ingredients carefully while choosing baby products and do some online research for organic baby products.
  • A similar cautious approach should be maintained while buying feeding bowls and bottles. Although plastic bottles are unbreakable and last longer, they may contain harmful chemicals.


The list of baby products is endless. Parents are advised to procure baby products from reputed manufacturers and established brands only. Advertisements can make tall and unsubstantiated claims so parents should refrain from being misguided, especially while choosing baby products. Be a discerning parent and follow your instincts to make baby care a wholesome experience.


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