How to Bring your Ex Girlfriend Back

Updated at: Dec 18, 2013
How to Bring your Ex Girlfriend Back

Getting back your ex girlfriend is a as difficult as climbing the Everest mountain. Remember, she knows you inside out, and chances are that she will not want to fall back into your love.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
DatingWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Dec 18, 2013

Your days are rolling at snail’s speed as confusion and sorrow are etched in your heart. No amount of talk can make you feel better, as the only thing you want is your ex girlfriend to come back in your life. But how do you convince her to come back?

how to get back your ex girlfriendMost people cannot handle a break up, and this is especially true when they have had a long and fulfilling relationship. While some people think that are better off being single, others have a hard time facing reality. You see her on social networking sites, you have her phone number and you can see her online on chats, but no things are different now. She is not there to chat with you, she is probably just fine, dwelling in the dreams of a new boy. Even worse, she is not even thinking about you. But you must be strong and get in the game once more to sweep her off her feet for a second time, only this time your game plan is a little different.

Occupy Yourself

Girls we tell you have some very common traits, and one such trait is their curiosity. A person who has lost in love is expected to brood, to moan and cry and curl up in the farthest corner. But you are not that person, you will do things differently. You will have fun, go out with friends, flirt with ladies, read the book you had wanted to read, hit the gym and get in shape. This is not to say that you are not interested in her, it is all part of the game my friend! Let her know that you are doing fine, and she will think that you are not thinking about her, and that is what will make it work.

A Better You

You need to become a better version of your former self. Work on those areas where you were lacking behind, and become a better person. Start a new hobby, learn an instrument, lift weights, swim, dance, sing, or do anything that will add value to your life. This betterment should happen both in terms of your looks and your inner self. Make yourself realise that you are worth the best things in life and come out from this storm of heartbreak, or just simply hide your emotions and do not let it show. If your ex sees you or gets to know about your changed self, she will surely get curious and talk to you.

The Three Minutes of Talk

You will call her and talk, but set your watch and hang up on the third minute, not a second more. You are not going to show her that you have taken out time to call her; you have just called her in your busy life to know how she is doing. Three minutes is more than enough for his and byes. You will sound fresh, and you will not be complaining. Ask her how she is, and whether she has found someone new, and that is it.

Tease Her

If you happen to meet her, you should tease her. Just a little bit, so that she understands that you are not exactly drowning with emotion. The fact remains that women do not like nice guys; they are always by default attracted to those guys who are not nice to them, those guys who insult them and make them feel like nothing more than just a girl. You can just compliment on her dress and then quickly tell her how two other girls you went out with wore something similar.

Seduce Her

Slowly and steadily get closer, but not too fast. Bail out every now and then and make her wait, do not give so much importance but throw the occasional romantic lines. Remind her of something nice that the two of you’re used to do all of a sudden but do not linger on that thought, change the subject quickly. In short, theoretically speaking, you will put your own lips very close to hers but never be the first one to taste the kiss. Torture her, until she gives in.

Write to Her

If you have the writing ability of Pablo Neruda, then we suggest you throw all the games away and simply write to her. Write to her to the tune of a million heartbreaks and make her cry if you can with your lovelorn words. If you have the gift to write the saddest lines, write it and she will run back to you.

Love is a strange emotion, and it is much more complicated that you know. The thought of having your ex in someone else’s arms can be terrible, but only for some time, only until you learn to give your heart to someone new. But before that day comes, you will die each day of your love less life.

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