How to Bond with a Baby in the Womb

Updated at: Nov 01, 2012
How to Bond with a Baby in the Womb

How to Bond with a Baby in the Womb— Listed here are some exciting ways to feel a connection with your baby even before her birth.

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PregnancyWritten by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Oct 04, 2012

How to Bond with a Baby in the Womb

Your voice, the sound of your heartbeat, the music you listen to and the books you read aloud are all comforting to your unborn baby. It becomes accustomed to feeling your activities though it cannot communicate it to you. Connecting with your baby before its birth will ensure an easy and comforting relationship between both of you post birth. Discover some ways to bond with your yet-to-arrive-baby in advance.


Bond Musically— Carolyn Granier-Deferre, Psychobiologist at Paris Descartes University, conducted a research in which 50 pregnant women, who were in their later stages of pregnancy, were asked to listen to descending melody of a piano twice in a day. After the infants turned one-month old, it was discovered that the heart rate of the sleeping babies slowed by 12 beats per minute while listening to familiar sound whereas the rate slowed by six beats to unfamiliar sound. The results clearly suggested that a baby in the womb pays attention to melodic sounds its mother listens to during pregnancy.


Scientific studies have shown that after 23 weeks of pregnancy, the baby can listen to the sounds from outside the womb. Therefore, playing your favourite music to the angel inside is a great idea. Your choice of music may affect the baby’s choice of music later in life.  Research has also shown that playing music to the womb stimulates the development of memory and language skills of the unborn baby.


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Bond Intellectually— There are evidences to prove that a foetus rapidly absorbs information from the outside world particularly sounds from the mother’s body. A study conducted by Anthony DeCasper at the University of South Carolina proved that those infants whose mothers read stories to them during pregnancy, easily recognise their mothers’ voices against other readers post birth.  So, reading stories to your unborn baby is a good idea to connect with it before it enters the world. Reading to your little angel while it is still inside your womb may also help in stimulating its brain development.


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Bond by Learning How your Unborn Baby Reacts— Does your little one kick inside when you listen to loud music? Or does he become quiet? An unborn baby has its own way of expressing. Take a note of your unborn baby’s fluctuating reactions to different situations. By knowing how your baby  responds at different times, you will feel connected with it for you will know what it likes and doesn’t.


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Bonding with your baby while it is in the womb is a beautiful experience for it is the first step to motherhood.


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