How to Become a Surrogate Parent?

Updated at: Feb 06, 2013
How to Become a Surrogate Parent?
Dr Poonam Sachdev
Tips for ParentWritten by: Dr Poonam SachdevPublished at: Feb 06, 2013

A surrogate mother is one who decides to conceive a child for another woman or couple. Surrogate parenting provides infertile couples with the opportunity and joy of having children of their own. However before you agree to become a surrogate mother, consider the following:

  • Do you have health insurance? Who will pay for the medical expense during and after the pregnancy? Is the pregnancy going to interfere with your job or family? Are you ready to deal with the complications of the pregnancy?
  • The “in vitro” fertilization treatment (IVF) is complicated and can take a considerable amount of time to get time to get right.
  • The older you are the higher the risk associated with surrogate pregnancy.
  • The emotional aspects involved with pregnancy, i.e. feeling lonely if your husband/partner or your family does not provide sufficient support.
  • You can develop post-partum depression after the birth of the baby; this can get compounded after giving the baby to the intended parents.
  • You may not want to give the baby after birth; the intended parents can take you to court.
  • Do you want to go through an agency or become an independent surrogate?
  • Ensure the legal process and paper work is complete.

Educate yourself regarding surrogacy (the laws and process) and consider all the implications of it before becoming a surrogate mother.




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