Ways to be a Gentleman to a Lady

Updated at: Feb 09, 2016
Ways to be a Gentleman to a Lady

Women are not the same and so aren't the men. But if you happen to find a lady who deserves a gentleman then you sure will become that gentleman. Find out how.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
DatingWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Dec 14, 2013

In a depraved world of lost ethics if you want to hold on to a bit of the old world gentlemanly charm to impress a lady then here is a guide for you.

how to be a gentleman to a ladyTimes have changed, and so have people. Women are more open about dating and don’t mind the occasional flings. This is partly why men have different approach techniques for women these days; women after all are more attracted towards the estrogen pumping proverbial bad boy. But amidst the ruins of womanhood if you have been able to discover that rare diamond known as, ‘a lady’, then you must get into your gentleman mode. Because no matter how hard you try, this lady is not going to be impressed unless you are worth it. And the only kind of man who is worth it is the gentleman.

A Gentleman knows how to Respect

He is a gentleman who respects one and all. He does not differentiate between young or old, poor or rich. Needless to say a gentleman always treats his lady with the utmost respect at all times, no matter how difficult a phase they are going through. A lady would like to see if you are man who knows the importance of respecting people, and this is one of the greatest virtues of a gentleman.

A Gentleman comes Last

That man is a gentleman who puts the lady before him, in everything. Be it sitting to dine, or passing through the door, or giving your arm while taking those endless walks. A thorough gentleman is he who makes the lady feels special with his famous, “after you”. This basically means that a gentleman knows how to treat a lady and therefore will let her have the upper hand in everything.

A Gentleman does not get Angry

You wouldn’t have seen a gentleman get angry very easily, it is not his style. A gentleman could be angry when things go a little off limits, but going crazy over something all of a sudden very easily is not what a gentleman would like to do. He is the courteous type who would like to handle things in a more civilised manner, and so would rarely blast off his lady.

A Gentleman is Honest

A gentleman is always an honest man. He does not lie or makes dishonest statement; it is the job of a gentleman to be the righteous one. Honesty is a lost art in today’s world, and not many are ethically sound to practice it, therefore an honest man is a gentleman. He will not create any false premise for his lady or give her a false impression; there is every bit of truth running the veins of an honest man’s blood.

A Gentleman can Adapt

It is only a gentleman who has the ability to adapt to any type of surroundings. If his lady is happy to be somewhere he will gladly adapt to that place. This does not however mean that she can bully him and make him do whatever she wants to, because even a gentleman has his limits, he is after a human being. Therefore, this adapting trait should not be taken very lightly.

A Gentleman knows a Lady

It is said that a man who loves his mother, loves his girl, precisely because he knows how to love and respect women. A gentleman most definitely knows a woman inside out. It is a gentleman’s responsibility to make his girl happy, and he would be happy to see her so. This is a trait that you cannot practice; you will have to have it from within. To know your lady you will first have to know your mother.

A gentleman has his life under control; he knows what he wants from his life and in what way. If you are a lady reading this then know that if a gentleman wants to get you, he will do so. Whether you say yes or no, it would be his charm that is sure to get to you.

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