Effective tricks to balance your hormones to lose weight

Updated at: Sep 06, 2017
Effective tricks to balance your hormones to lose weight

Hormones control how we gain or lose weight. Learn how hormones affect metabolism to make you lose or gain weight.

Himanshu Sharma
Weight ManagementWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Feb 24, 2017

Hormone levels and changes control metabolic process and that is why it is said that it has a role in weight gain and loss. Changing events in the body may either lead you to lose weight or gain it. Some hormones indicate that you are hungry while others signal that you are full. It is the hormones that guide foods to store it or burn it as fuel. When you work out, it is hormones that tell your body to move, consume energy store it, boost body mass, enhance the strength of organs or shut them down.

Hormone balance and weight loss

Balancing your hormones for a healthy weight loss begins with exercise and nutrition that the body needs. These steps will help you balance your hormones for weight loss.

You have to visit a doctor to figure out which of your hormones are unbalanced. Blood tests will identify the imbalance along with their extent. The doctor will also conduct tests to identify medical conditions, such as diabetes and thyroid disorders that cause hormonal imbalances.

The next step is structuring a regular exercise program, which will make your body more sensitive to the hormone insulin. Exercises will also make your muscles move and burn calories, resulting in weight loss. Alternatively, you may practice alternative therapies, such as yoga.

Cutting calories from your meal is the first step to weight loss. Binge on healthy food options, such as vegetables and fruits. If you don’t have a diet chart, make one after consulting a dietician. While structuring a diet plan, make sure that you include weight loss foods, such as soy more in quantity. Soy keeps you full and helps you manage cravings. Also include more of whole grains, fibre-foods and legumes in your diet.

Like other weight-loss programs, you need to count calories. Consuming the right amount of calories keeps hormones in balance.

The endocrine system and weight

  • The endocrine system comprises groups of glands and organs that manage hormone production for regulation of bodily functions. The metabolic level of our bodies primarily depends on the endocrine system.
  • In case of hormonal imbalance, your body won’t be able to work the way it should. The imbalance of one hormone affects others and the entire system is affected. Therefore, when you are thinking of balancing hormones for weight loss, you have to do it all together.

If you are eyeing for weight-loss, you must ensure that you balance your hormones with exercise and dietary regimen.

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