How to Announce a Second Pregnancy

Updated at: Feb 07, 2013
How to Announce a Second Pregnancy

How to Announce a Second Pregnancy: Announcing pregnancy, especially the second one, must be done with a tinge of unusualness. For tips, here are some cute ways in which you can spill the beans.

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How to Announce a Second Pregnancy

When a woman realises she is pregnant, there is a flurry of excitement and joy to break the news to all those known from family to the hairdresser.  This is rather true for someone who is pregnant for the first time because announcing the second pregnancy needs more thinking. Ask yourself if you want to just slide down the mainstream and pick up the phone and say “I am pregnant again!” or be creative and take everyone by a pleasant surprise. If you choose to do the latter, read on.


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Decide when exactly you want to break the news

When you find out that the second baby is on its way, discuss as to when is the right time to announce your pregnancy news. While most couples do not wait too long to announce the news, others choose to wait until the first semester. So, talk it out with your partner and then pop the secret.

Involve your first Child

Make sure your first child is part of your plan to announce the pregnancy. For hints, check these cute ways some women chose to involve the first kid in helping them announce the pregnancy.

  • Dress the first child in a t-shirt with “I am the big brother/sister” printed across it.
  • Buy a scrapbook sticker that reads “baby on board” and place it on your belly. Get your first child to lift the top up for your husband to see.

Making the first child play an important role in making the announcement will also prove to be one of your best approaches to get the impending sibling relationship started.


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Preparing for the Even and the Odd

While most of those who you would be informing about your second baby will be happy to hear the news, not everyone will be positive as they were with the first. It is therefore, important that you prepare yourself to accept it without feeling undermined. Also, respond by telling them how happy you are to be having the baby. Gradually move on to another topic.  Although you cannot control how one feels about your second pregnancy, you sure can keep the air of optimism intact.

Be Creative

Like we mentioned earlier, this is for those who do not want to just dial the number of a friend and say I am pregnant over the phone, but drive down that that is not mainstream. Try to think a way your family or friends would least expect the news from. Here are a few examples.

  • Pull out a fortune from a fortune cookie and replace it with one that reads the time or date on which a second baby is expected.
  • Dye two eggs with “hatching soon” written on one and the name of the first baby written on another and place it in the refrigerator.
  • Place a pea in your husband’s palm and tell him that that is the size of his baby right now.


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Doctors recommend announcing the pregnancy post first trimester because it is by this time that the risk of a miscarriage drops significantly.


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