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How to Talk About Sexual Problems

Snr By Ariba Khaliq , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Dec 31, 2010
How to Talk About Sexual Problems

Talking about sex problems - Get some effective tips to talk about sex problems but keep in mind that you should not aggravate the issue and handle it with a balanced approach.

The sexual equation that you share with your spouse has a major role to play in marital relationships. If there is a mismatch of expectations or a discord of some sort, it’s time to talk about sexual problems with your partner.

Talk About Sexual ProblemsAlong with being extremely private, sexual issues are also intensely sensitive. Always keep in mind that the basic purpose of having the talk is to solve issues and not fuel them further.


Effective Tips to talk about Sexual Problems Successfully


  • Try to not talk about sexual problems when you are together in bed, at bedtime or even when you are alone with your spouse in the bedroom. These are the times for intimacy and not for discussing such sensitive and problematic issues.
  • Do not pack in a surprise for your partner. Remember, this is an issue which equally involves both of you. Therefore, the best way is to inform your partner that you would like to have a sex related talk with him. Do not accuse him or her of anything. Simply inform that you would like to talk. Fix up a time so that he or she can mentally prepare for the conversation.
  • Stay away from books, websites and friends that claim to have 100% solutions to any and every sex related problem in the world. You need to determine the problem first. Talk to your partner in order to unravel the source of the issue. Resorting to unsuitable and baseless advice can multiply the problems even further.
  • When you talk about sexual problems, make sure it is a frank and detailed one. Express your concerns, fears, expectations, and desires. Be totally honest about everything that you have to say. There is no point in pretending to be what you are not. Make sure you elaborate on what you like and what you don’t, with respect to sex.
  • Monotony in sexual interaction is a problem that most married couples face. Discuss them in detail and find ways of improvising and manoeuvring them as per your current needs.

Provided that you and your spouse have ample love and respect for each other, a talk about sexual problems could be enough to iron out the issues. Just make sure you handle the situation well.


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