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How to take care of newborn baby in winter

Updated at: Jan 28, 2013
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Written by: Aahana BhatnagarPublished at: Mar 24, 2011
How to take care of newborn baby in winter

Newborn baby As a parent, your biggest concern is to take good care of your baby. With changing seasons, it becomes even more challenging. Looking after your infant during their first winter is really a tough task as the cold weather can truly be bitter, if a few essential things are not observed. So note these points and gear your baby up for this winter season.

  • Keeping your baby warm is a must in all seasons. Newborns should be properly dressed in winters. Covering your baby with layers of clothes is the safest option to keep your newborn comfortable in the windy, cold days. Make sure you do not leave their head uncovered as 50 per cent of the body heat is lost  through the head. 
  • Breastfeed your baby during the winter. as it helps to fight against various illnesses and prevents against respiratory diseases that are the among newborn babies. Breast milk provides immunity for the baby and offers them the best nourishment.
  • Avoid going out with your baby. If you are taking your baby out, make sure he is well covered. Drape him in a quilted blanket for additional warmt and protection and keep in mind to protect their face against the wind. Doctors also recommend that mothers should share the same bed with their babies as it gives natural warmth to the child.
  • A newborn child should be given maximum rest during winters. Engaging them in various activities will stress them out, putting them at a high risk of infection, and increase their chance of acquiring a cold and cough. Try to give your child a nap of 1-2 hours every so often during the day.
  • Taking care of your baby’s skin is equally important in winters. Your baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive and it requires regular care. Make sure you sponge them every day with lukewarm water. Give them a daily oil massage with soft hands. After each diaper change, clean them properly and apply moisturizing cream in the nappy area.
  • Guests are always welcomed. But in this season, ensure that you keep your baby away from the visitors. They would love to hold the baby but it could be unsafe. Coughs and colds are ubiquitous in winter, so if anyone is carrying the illness, they can infect your child.

The first winter for your baby can be really tough, but you can make it simpler by following these simple things. All your baby needs is your love, warmth, and comfort. So keep your newborn away from the winter blues and see him ever cheerful and smiling.



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