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How to Survive Swine Flu Season

Swine FLU By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 15, 2013
How to Survive Swine Flu Season

How to Survive Swine Flu Season – In order to survive the swine flu season, vaccination might seem to be the simplest solution but it is not advisable. If you want to avoid the side-effects of swine flu vaccination and yet survive the flu season w

In the cold and flu season, the new threat of swine flu infection looms large on everyone’s mind. Everyone is concerned about the possibility of a pandemic and a recurrence of the flu outbreak of 1918 is being feared. In order to survive this swine flu season, vaccination may sound like the easiest option but that is not the best idea in view of the possible side-effects. There are two types of swine flu vaccines, one administered through nose and the other through injection.


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The reason why options other than vaccination need to be considered to survive swine flu season is that one cannot be sure of the effect of the body’s reaction with the virus. The injection for vaccination contains a mercury preservative called thimerosol while the vaccine administered through nose does not. Viruses for these vaccines are developed by growing them in fertilised chicken eggs. Thus, these viruses should not be given to people with an allergy to eggs. Other chemicals used in the vaccine are formaldehyde to inactivate the virus and aluminium for having an antibody response. Medical advice should be sought before taking vaccination as one cannot be aware of how any of these substances may react to your body.

Ways to Survive Swine Flu Season without Vaccination

  • Make your vitamin D level high – You need to ensure that your vitamin D level is high. It should be between 60 and 100. Get your level tested and start taking vitamin D supplements if your level hovers around 60 or is languishing below that. Vitamin D activates the cells the immune system that destroy viruses.
  • There is a natural immune strengthening supplement approved by FDA called Cold FX. Clinical trials of this supplement have concluded without doubt that it is effective for prevention and treatment of any type of cold and flu. It activates the immune system to become much more anti-viral than before.
  • Giving probiotics to children reduce the incidence of fever and runny nose. The better immunity against cold and flu will be handy when they are attacked by the swine flu virus.
  • Zinc acetate lozenges are good medicine for getting rid of cold early. Study showed that people who took zinc acetate lozenges had to bear cough for shorter duration and face shorter periods of nasal discharge.
  • Lastly, keep washing your hands with an anti-bacterial soap, sneeze into a tissue and dispose it immediately and in general try to avoid contact with infection or if already infected, try best not to spread it.


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Make use of these tips to survive swine flu this season without suffering from the side-effects of vaccination.


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