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How Stress Can Lower Your Sex Drive

Snr By Aparna Mir , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 20, 2012
How Stress Can Lower Your Sex Drive

Stress affects you emotionally and psychologically, thus lowering your sex drive. It causes improper functioning of the sex hormones and this result  in low libido.

How Stress Can Lower Your Sex DriveStress kills your drive for sex. Any kind of stress, whether related to work or any financial or personal problem, switches off your mood and inhibits sexual arousal.

Stress causes hypoactive sexual disorder. It is a condition in which the person lacks any kind of sexual desire. When you are in stress, body releases adrenaline and cortisol as a response to your condition. This causes constriction of the arteries and narrows down the blood flow, resulting in decrease in libido. It also prevents the binding of sex hormones to their respective receptors, thus lowering your sex drive.

When people are in stress they are more likely to take alcohol, cigarettes, indulge themselves in overeating and other unhealthy behaviour. All these factors lower the sex drive. Alcohol and nicotine present in cigarettes hamper the production of sex hormones, testosterone in males and progesterone in females. Low productions of these hormones affect the sexual behaviour and cause sex related problems in both men and women.

Stress drains your sexual energy leaving you exhausted and tensed. It makes you feel powerless and mentally strained. It also affects the pumping action of the heart, thus decreasing the blood circulation in the reproductive organs. It has the effect of delaying sexual arousal or no arousal at all.

Stress disturbs your hormonal activity leading to depression, insomnia, loss of appetite and anhedonia (loss of interest in things which were enjoyable earlier including sex). In women, the activity of vasopressin hormone gets affected during insomnia. This reduces the sex drive in them. Stress leads to binge eating or starvation. Excessive eating causes weight gain which develops a feeling of rejection and helplessness. Starvation enhances the production of neuropeptide Y, a brain chemical that reduces the sex drive.

Stress decreases your self esteem. It hampers your self confidence and makes you feel unattractive and unhealthy. A low feeling about your own sex appeal decreases your urge for sex. You can reduce stress by. Even relaxation by meditation and eases the stress out of you.  

Even sex is a great way to reduce stress and depression. Both sex and stress are indirectly related to each other. A healthy sex life with frequent intercourse decreases stress and vice–versa. You can improve your sex life by maintaining a healthy stress-free lifestyle and undergoing counselling if required. Talk openly about your worries and anxieties with your partner. This will improve your relationship and minimise your stress level.


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