How Smog can Affect Allergies and Asthma

Updated at: Dec 30, 2011
How Smog can Affect Allergies and Asthma

How Smog can Affect Allergies and Asthma - Does smog cause asthma? Smong contains some harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxides, volatile organic compounds, also ozone.

Vatsal Anand
AsthmaWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Nov 21, 2011

How smog can affect allergies and asthma

Smog is a kind of air pollution that is a combination of some harmful gases. It usually includes carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxides, volatile organic compounds and also ozone. Patients of allergies and asthma can find it really difficult to cope with this problem as their condition gets aggravated.


How the pollutants affect some patients

Particulate suspended in the air coming from factories, car gas engines, diesel engines and or any industrial activity. Any particle which is less than 10 mm in diameter can be inhaled in the lungs. This length is about one-fourth of a human hair. If an asthma patient inhales particulate matter, it will go into the bloodstream, affect his breathing, and also the heart function. People allergic to a particular matter are at risk too but the asthmatics are at serious risk of hospitalisation, particularly if they are children.

The Ozone in Smog

The ozone found at ground level is not a good part of atmosphere. It aggravates the asthma condition and has nothing to do with the good ozone found at the top level of atmosphere that protects us from ultra violet rays of the sun. It can also cause scar the lung tissue permanently due to long term inflammation by breathing at ground level. This is why children staying closer to high traffic areas get afflicted with asthma a lot more than those in other areas. The closer you live to high traffic areas; the worse is the effect of ozone in the smog.


Smog as Cause of Asthma


In the past decades, some patients have complained of developing asthma after being exposed to heavy smog. This is different from those patients who already had a condition of asthma and smog only worsened the symptoms. It is being investigated by some researchers whether asthma can be caused by smog or not.


Although scientific evidence has been able to link lung irritation to air pollution, and trigger attack in those who are already suffering from it, there is some time to go before the actual cause can be attributed to it. Air pollution is still one of the most underestimated contributors to exacerbation of asthma. So, with new research in this area, one can expect to gain a better understanding after a breakthrough is achieved.



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