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How to Seduce a Man

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jan 16, 2013
How to Seduce a Man

How to Seduce a Man: If you are looking for seduction tips and tricks, then your search ends here. Read this article to learn useful techniques of seduction.

Seducing a man is only difficult till you master it. Whether the guy you are ogling at is yours or somebody else’s, you can make him putty in your hands with the right seduction techniques.

How to Seduce a ManSometimes, all you need to do to fix your relationship is rekindle intimacy with your partner by trying new sizzling flavours. While this would work for people in a relationship, if you are willing to get someone who is not yours to like you, you need to learn to start of slow and finally get him to want you more than what you expected.


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Make Eye Contact

When men look at a woman, they are likely to look at her face first. Facial expressions are one way you can tell someone that you are interested in him/her. To make your man weak in the knees, make an eye contact and hold it for two seconds while passing a sexy smirk. Look away instantly and he’d be over in sooner than you realise.

Expose your Best Side

If you think you are sexy, show it and if you don’t, feel it! The primary key to perfecting a move is to put your best part to best use. And the secondary key is to look good around the person you want to seduce. Human beings love what they don’t have and it takes the brain of a goldfish to understand that men love boobs and butt. If you have the best of these, show them off. Here are some ways in which you can:

  • Cook dinner wearing a tight pencil skirt and sexy heels. Sport your top with a see-through blouse and a sexy laced or satin black bra inside. It is not time for him to touch till you are done with dinner.
  • Join your man in the shower wearing a white shirt or tee. Nothing else.
  • Visit the nearest lingerie shop with him. That he cannot touch you while you try the sexiest thing in the showroom will drive him nuts with anticipation.
  • Text him a picture of your bare legs with a pair of new heels.

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Enjoy Quick Intimacy Sessions

Intimacy can give you greater levels of pleasure if enjoyed in bite-sizes because we all know how something’s can get monotonous and boring. Here are things you can do to seduce him.

90 seconds make-out

The 90 seconds make-out is your best bet to get him kneeling for more. Passionately kiss, fondle and touch for at least 60 seconds if you cannot hold your breath tight till the clock ticks 90 seconds. These seconds are crucial to get him to anticipate the next time both of you get to touch each other.

Sex Date

If you know that your kids are going to be out for picnic, let your guy know of the 1 hour window of opportunity that you have.

Text sex

By text sex, we do not mean sex chatting with your guy. Instead, send subtle hints that you want to have sex and he’d rush home in the next break he gets from work to take you up on your desire. Knowing that you have sex in mind in itself builds the heat in men.


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Be the Sporty Randier

Playing sports or doing anything that pushes the heart to pump faster and louder will get the testosterone levels in both of you to spike. This means that after you get home from the playground, you can hit the shower together and then the bed.

Smile with a Glass of Pomegranate Juice

Medical science has it that drinking pomegranate juice enhances sexual desire. So, make him down a glass of the love potion and swing in happiness because he would have turned ten times more passionate.

You can be the wily seductress with only one thing: the right moves. So, get going, lady!


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