How to Say No to Sex with a New Boyfriend

Oct 06, 2012

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How to Say No to Sex with a New Boyfriend

“Oh, no! Hold up, John. Not Tonight. May be another.” Have you ever knocked the sensual air senseless with that hiss of an impenetrable tower of Victoria’s Secret? Sex may be a foreground for all the couples you know, but why must what ‘other’ couples’ need for the cherry send you to a guilt trip if you don’t want to rub the mattress with your significant other?  Sure you want sex, but don’t want to let the pleasure fortress open for entry just yet for whatever reasons. Can’t say no without gritting your teeth? What are we for if not for help?


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Tell him Sweet and Polite

That is your key to melting him in a jiffy. Sex is certainly not a driveway to drive into without anybody’s consent. Tell him how you do not want to be a ball to his chain already and therefore, need time to get even the ‘s’ of sex stirring. If he doesn’t listen to you, but keeps pushing for it right after the first two dates, he is just not so much into you but the Dragon’s Lair.

Make your Point

If you are stuck between the dragon and the sea, it is time to get straight to the point without chocolate chin-wagging. Care less about how assertive or harsh it may seem, because you know you don’t want to do it tonight (or the next couples of nights). Tell him you do not want to be in a relationship with someone who just wouldn’t respect your views.


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Are you defending your abstinence enough?

As long as you are not ready to kindle twirling your body against his, you have to give voice to your defending views no matter how silly they may seem. Here are some examples.

“By having sex, I’d be risking STDs. I don’t want that.” Tell him how common STDs are than what may meet the eye. If he tells you he’s not an HIV victim, do not be surprised. Consider him to be another ignorant in the pool of those who think HIV is the only STD. Perhaps you could shower details about gonorrhoea, genital herpes, etc. This might as well cast him off from thinking about sex at least until your next date.


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“I do not want to end up like 16 and Pregnant.” If he tries to talk you into using protection, tell him pregnancy is still a realistic consequence and that you do not want to get yourself into the “mother” gentile just yet.

Sex doesn’t really have a right time. What one thinks about sex is shaped by what the society he/she lives in thinks of it. Whatever be the reason for you to avoid bedding your boyfriend, it will always be best to know him first.


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