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How to Resolve Intimacy Issues

Updated at: Apr 01, 2013
Written by: Arpita DePublished at: Apr 01, 2013
How to Resolve Intimacy Issues

Intimacy in relationships is very important and any issues regarding intimacy in relationships need to be solved. Resoling intimacy issues becomes easy when you are able to identify the root cause of the problem.

How to Resolve Intimacy Issues

Intimacy issues arise in many couples and there is an active need to resolve them. If you feel ill at ease with being intimate with your partner or have some other problem that is hindering your intimacy leave lint he relationship, then you will have to identify the problems and try and resolve them. Resolving intimacy issues in relationships is paramount to the sustenance of the relationship.


How to resolve intimacy issues in relationships


Identifying the Problem


What is it that you are uncomfortable with? Is your partner hinting at things that you do not want to indulge in? Is there some past incident that has left you with intimacy issues when it comes to relationships? Identifying the problem that is causing intimacy issues in your relationships is the first step towards a resolution.


Take a Break


A break always works in bringing the spark back to any relationship. If you are facing intimacy issues in your relationship because of boredom, spend some time away from your partner. This will give you an opportunity to introspect and analyse what it is that is going wrong with the relationship. It will also rekindle the desire to be with your partner!


Sort out the Problems in the Relationship


Not sorting out the problems in a relationship will eventually take a toll on the level of intimacy in the relationship. Do not turn your back on your problems and think they will sort themselves out. A fight or an argument with your partner will only escalate in bed. Intimacy in relationships is deeply affected by the kind of equation that you two are sharing.


Talk to Your Partner


We know it is very difficult to talk to one’s partner about intimacy issues. You might feel that she/he will not understand the problems and will think that because you don’t like them enough you are coming up with a ‘lame excuse’. However, you have to take the risk and talk to your partner. Tell them how to feel about being intimate with them and what is the reason for your discomfort? Mutual dialogue will evidently yield a result.


Do something new


You can loosen up and resolve intimacy issues by trying new things. Keep your partner in the loop about your discomforts and together come up with ideas that can add spice to the relationship and also help you get rid of any inhibitions that you might have.


Seek Relationship Help


If all else fails and nothing is actively helping you resolve the intimacy issues in the relationship, seek professional help. Counsellors are qualified professionals who can help you resolve any issues that you have with being physically close with your partner. You can talk about any trust issues that you have and they will help you eliminate the problem and help the relationship too. It is also a good thing to involve your partner in the process as it will help the professional view your relationship as a whole and she/he will have access to the entire point of view.


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