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How to recover from a bad first date

Dating By Arpita De , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Dec 13, 2011
How to recover from a bad first date

Never feel embarrassed or depressed about a bad first date. Insted acknowledge that you did your best under the situation.

"I should not have reacted", "I should have not talked too much", "I should have confessed", "I should not have disclosed my secret". Do these exclamations sound similar? Anyone who has had a bad date will ask these questions to herself/himself. The situation goes from bad to worse by mulling on blunders and goof-ups during the entire meeting as it brings you even bigger pain and anxiety. We have some effective remedies for you to recover from a disastrous first date.

How to recover from a bad first date

Admit it to yourself

  • Confess that it's natural to be hesitant or nervous on a first date; don’t forget that no one is perfect and it isn't the end of your love life. Remember that a person’s poor opinion of you is not reflective of who you are or what you are capable of accomplishing.
  • Be kind to yourself. It's very cardinal to recognise that negative response and throw it away as soon as possible.
  • Never punish or beat yourself for anything wrong because it is not the solution of the problem. Show compassion towards yourself.
  • Acknowledge that you did your best that you could in the situation. The desire of trying to get someone’s attention often leads to big mistakes.


Evaluate the situation

  • In order to overcome the pain associated with a bad first date, you will have to understand what went wrong.
  • Remember the details of the date and the precise moment from when things started going downhill.
  • You can talk to a friend or whoever you think is capable of supporting you.
  • If after careful observation you feel that the situation can be reversed and the ill effect of the bad date will wear off, be patient. Give the other time to recover as well. Remember that you will get your due chance of professing your love and explaining your position.



  • If you think that you have erred in some way, apologies.
  • Appologising will help you recover as the burden of guilt that is killing you, will be lessened.
  • An apology can be in the form of a simple note, flowers or a formal phone call.  


Move on

  • If the person has made it clear that s/he does not want to be with you, then let go.
  • You cannot force another by following them or incessantly calling them.
  • It is useless and will make you feel even worse.
  • Moving on is needed so you can overcome the feeling of sadness that is attached with the disastrous first date.

There is no need to feel embarrassed or depressed about a bad first date. The key is to recover and move on. If the other person respects you and feels that this relationship can be given another chance, award yourself a pat. but if not, remember that there are more fish in the sea!


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