How Protein Powder Causes Weight Gain

Updated at: Dec 19, 2013
How Protein Powder Causes Weight Gain

Protein powder is a much sought after solution for gaining weight. Learn how and under what circumstances it helps you to gain weight.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
Weight ManagementWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Aug 23, 2012

Gaining weight is something which a lot of people seek to do. Most of them go for dietary supplements like a protein powder which is very popular among athletes and body builders. It is most often made from whey, soy, rice, hemp or egg. If weight gain is your aim in the form of lean muscle, then protein powder, especially whey, soy and egg can be very beneficial.

protien powder

Protein powder is usually consumed after exercising and is mixed with water, milk or juice. While this type of protein is usually the whey protein the other type that can be consumed before going to bed at night is casein protein. The idea of consuming protein powder roots from the fact that body builders look towards gaining muscle mass after a session of workout.


The ideal weight gaining variety of protein powder contains 50 gm or more of protein per serving long with as much as 1,200 calories. Also, if you mix this type of protein powder with milk or juice the calorie count increases. You must be able to include your protein powder drink with other daily foods that contain calories. This is important because you must understand that no supplements or drinks can help you gain weight by itself. One serving per day should yield about 2.4 lb weight gain in a week. Let us now find out how casein protein and whey protein are different from each other:


Casein Protein

This variety of protein is used in many branches, such as, cheese making, glue and plastics and fiber. Another use for this is as a protein supplement. This variety of protein is usually consumed by non-athletes or people who are not gym goers. The basic use of such a protein supplement is gaining weight. This must be consumed after mixing with juice or milk. The attractive quality of this protein is that it forms a gel or clot when it enters the stomach thus making it an efficient nutrient supplier. This clot releases amino acids very slowly into the blood stream and at times this lasts for several hours. This is good to consume between meals and before going to bed and this is because of its slow digesting process.


Whey protein

Whey protein contains high levels of all the essential amino acids and the branched chain of amino acids. Now amino acid is very helpful for body builders because it helps in muscle recovery. There are two types of whey proteins, namely - - whey concentrate and whey isolate.  Whey concentrates have low level of fat and are only 29%–89% protein by weight. On the other hand whey isolate is 90% protein by weight.


It is again very important to understand that protein powder drinks do not alone help you gain weight. Do get involved in an exercise regime if possible and also eat your daily foods for nutrient benefits.




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