How to Prepare for a Hot Date

Apr 20, 2012

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How to Prepare for a Hot Date

Now that you have landed a date with someone you have been itching to go out with, it is time to start preparing for it. Preparing for the hot date does not limit itself to choosing the right location or picking the right outfit. Here are tips to get you ready for the hot date.

  • Analyse the past relationships and dates you have had. Learn from the patterns of the dates from the past to know if there is anything that your date is expecting from you, for example, a gift.
  • Prepare your dress for the date in advance. Panicking over it on the last day will only make you look like what you didn’t want to. Ensure that your outfit shows off your best physical features, is comfortable to wear and free from any stains or rips.
  • Practise good hygiene before going for the hot date. Ensure that your hair, nails, skin and breath are healthy and clean.
  • Keep a check on your attitude. Do not be flamboyant in your body language as that might turn embarrassing. Think positively about yourself and do not be anxious about the outcome of the date. Feeling good about yourself will help you have a good time and hit an instant connection with your date.
  • Before your head out of your home for the date, know your intentions in terms of getting physically close with your date. Decide on what you would like to do physically on your first day. If your date ends up not wanting anything, be prepared for it. Talk about it only when your date is comfortable.
  • The most important tip to prepare for a hot date is to be on time. Ensure that you give yourself plenty of time to meet your date irrespective of where you are meeting i.e. whether he/she is meeting you in an open place or picking you up from your home.


Other Tips and Warnings

  • If you have been with your date before or you already know him/her, look back at the conversations you have had so you can follow up on them on the hot date.
  • If you get nervous before the date, help yourself by ringing a good friend for moral support or listening to calm music.
  • Do not spray the cologne all over you. You might just end up having an overpowering smell, which may be allergic to your date.
  • Avoid excessive make-up. Use it to only to accentuate the best features and minimise the flaws.




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