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How to Prepare For Getting Pregnant

Pregnancy By Gunjan Rastogi , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jun 18, 2012
How to Prepare For Getting Pregnant

How to Prepare For Getting Pregnant: Plan ahead of time the changes you need to make to get pregnant quickly and have a safe pregnancy.

How to Prepare For Getting Pregnant

Making changes to your lifestyle when looking to get pregnant increases your odds of conception, as well as ensures a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. After making lifestyle changes, it takes almost three months to positively affect your reproductive health. Here we have given some tips on how to prepare yourself for pregnancy.


Stop Taking Birth Control Pills

This is an obvious step to conceive, however, you need to keep in mind that taking birth control pills must be stopped two months before you intend to get pregnant.

Get the Healthy Body Weight

Your chances of conception are reduced even if you are slim. Women, who are too thin or too fat or have irregular periods, have trouble getting pregnant. In order to conceive, watch out for what you eat. Curb intake of junk food, eat healthy and know portion management to get the required fats for a healthy pregnancy. Overweight or obese women need to lose a considerable amount of weight. Consult a doctor to sort out your menstrual irregularities, in case you have them. Underweight women need to put on some kilos for easy conception. Ask a dietician about before-pregnancy diet or fertility foods.

Follow a Moderate Exercise Programme

For losing weight to conceive, you do not need to get into intense exercise regime. A moderate exercise programme will be suitable for you. If the idea of hitting the gym doesn’t suit you, then take to  in brisk walking, swimming and yoga. You can not only do these exercises when looking to get  pregnant, but even after conception.

Avoid alcohol

Restrain from consuming alcohol. Intake of alcohol reduces your chances of conception.  Consuming alcohol during pregnancy is much more harmful than consuming it before pregnancy.  Increase your chances of conceiving by completely giving up alcoholic drinks.

Avoid Caffeine

Intake of caffeine while looking to get pregnant reduces your odds of conception.  Not only should caffeine intake be cut back before getting pregnant, but also after conception. Consumption of excess amount of caffeine can restrict blood flow to the uterus, making it hard to conceive.  Other than coffee and tea, sources rich in caffeine are chocolate, coffee-flavoured ice cream and different types of soda.

Consume Folic Acid

Folic acid is an important component for women, no matter whether they want to conceive or not. However, folic acid aids in unhampered fertilisation and thus, must be consumed to increase chances of pregnancy. Even during pregnancy, folic acid should be taken as it is essential during the early pregnancy.


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