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How to Prepare for a Blind Date

Updated at: Jan 10, 2014
Written by: Arshad Said KhanPublished at: Jun 08, 2011
How to Prepare for a Blind Date

Preapring for a blind date is necessary because you are going to meet a stranger. Prepare yourself for the blind date by readying yourself to face rejection, to reject the person or even to foot the bill if need be!

couple in resturantGoing on a blind date does not have to be a nerve wrecking experience. If played out right and planned nicely it can be a great experience. Its always fun to meet strangers. Especially, if a sense of romantic expectation hangs in the air. The key lies in good preparation.


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Your first concern should be safety. Applicable to both men and women, particularly in the case of a blind date arranged on the internet. It is advisable to meet someone new in the daytime. Not only will you get to assess their looks in broad daylight but its much safer to do so. A public place like a café is suitable from the point of view of security. Also, make sure you tell a friend about your date beforehand. Extra cautious people will plant a friend at the venue but if you are so scared then you should not play the game.


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You are Rejected


It always helps to be emotionally ready. Be prepared for the worst as your blind date may not find you amicable or attractive at all. S/he may express his/her distaste through rude behaviour or may insult you outrightly. If you have made a mental note to guard yourself emotionally you will be able to handle the situation and get out with your dignity intact. Good manners come handy when dealing with such bewildering circumstances. it’s a refusal to compromise on your own social sobriety. If you are close to being provoked simply deliver a swift pleasantry and exit.


You Reject


What if you are the one who is not interested in going any further than just a hello? Your date may turn out to be all that you hate and completely different from what the friend who fixed you up promised you. Cyber dates may exaggerate their good traits and post enhanced profile pictures so be prepared for disappointment. Its hard to tell someone that you don’t like them but its even more cruel to lead them on. Be honest but not hurtful. Lines like, “It was very nice meeting you but we are very different, I’m sorry I don’t think we’ll click” may be direct but will save the other person heartache in the long run.




Lastly, who pays for the entertainment is a question that can spoil many a rendezvous. Women have been at a historically privileged place when it comes to dating but there are no set rules. Many will think its sexist to presume that the man will foot all the bills. What you should be all set for is not to be the first one to appear as King Solomon. You should instead be ready to weigh the consequences of your moves. Will your date be offended or impressed by your decision to go Dutch? What if your date has assumed you are paying in the first place? If you have already thought of various possibilities you will be able to sail smoothly and ensure a second date.


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