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How One Night Stand turns into a Relationship

Snr By Pratima Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Oct 10, 2011
How One Night Stand turns into a Relationship

One night stands often turn out into a long term affair, as the sparks that were felt on the first night do not die down in the morning and at times, are aflame for years.

How one night stand turns into a relationship

If you are wondering how a one night stand turns into a relationship, you are not the only one. In today’s day and age where one night stands are becoming more and more popular, they are also being explored as a possible start to a full time relationship. Although, these nocturnal sexual encounters were primarily favoured because of their no strings attached quality, young people of today are looking for an emotional involvement at times.


Understanding how a One Night Stand Turns into a Relationship

  • When you share sexual pleasures with your partner for the first time, sparks fly. Sometimes, these sparks refuse to die away the next morning following the encounter. In such cases, the partners might feel an inseparable attraction towards each other. This would trigger more and more meetings and sexual escapades and could even develop into a casual relationship. In certain isolated cases, casual alliances might develop into serious ones too.


  • When you partner sleeps over at your place post a one night stand, sometimes, you get the opportunity of spending some more time with them. He could get up in the morning and prepare breakfast for you and both of you could share some conversations together. There might be instances where you find him exceptionally charming as a personality and extremely compatible too. In case the feelings are mutual, this can eventually give rise to a friendship of some sort. If you continue sharing your lives together, a relationship might also be on the cards.


  • Research has revealed that starting off a relationship with sex can sometimes be better than waiting to be more intimate before indulging in it. Sexual intercourse can in fact help you to open up to each other more easily, should you so wish to. When you are more frank and intimate, there is less pretence and you can expect to start off a relationship in all its earnestness.


  • If you are in a state of emotional stress when you opt for the sexual escapade, understanding how a one night stand turns into a relationship might seem easier. If you find your partner to be a comforting friend, going ahead with a relationship with him/her could seem just right.

Although, understanding how a one night stand turns into a relationship isn’t difficult; nothing should practically be taken for granted. A one night stand should be treated as a onetime alliance, unless proved otherwise.



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