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How a One Night Stand happens

Snr By Arpita De , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Sep 15, 2011
How a One Night Stand happens

A one night stand happens only when a person is either consciously or sub-consciously determined to do it!

Adventure, foolhardiness, deceit, infidelity, fun; these are all attributed to one night stands. Some people will do anything for the thrill of being with a stranger, while some shudder at its possibility. The society has its own opinion on one night stands with popular imagination brandishing it as unlawful and immoral. However, the real question that we as a society need to ask ourselves is how does a one night stand happen? What are the triggers that propel people towards them? Does the modern generation see one night stands as a way out of the drudgery of their existence?


How does a one night stand happen?


The emptiness of life


One night stands are indicators of the one most important problems people especially in the urban set up face. It is the emptiness of their individual lives that they are running away from. Hectic work schedules, flimsy short lived relationships and early divorces are some indicators of how a one night stand happens. People want to lose their selves for one day, one night. They want to feel wanted, victorious and connected to someone.


The intention


According to scores and scores of people who have had one night stands it all begins with the intention; the need that one needs to go out and indulge in some lascivious fun. It will be tomfoolery to say that one night stands can happen out of the blue. Although one is not saying that it is premeditated action, but there is of course the intention and the desire. The desire to have a one night stand might be for various reasons. You might want to experiment with a stranger, it might be because you want to leave behind the baggage of a bad break-up or you just need a good solid story so narrate to your pals so that they look at you in awe and admiration!


Excessive behaviour


The second most important answer to how one night stands happen lies in the fact that it is rooted in excessive behaviour. Too much drinking, dancing, partying and other kinds of substance abuse do loosen up a person and free her/him of all inhibitions. Most people also use these behaviours as an excuse to have a one night stand. It might serve as a buffer for them the next day when they can blame the drinking for example, for previous night’s liaison.


The first move


One person has to take the first step and initiate a one step stand. Contrary to what chick flicks tell us, it does not just happen! Either the man or the woman in the equation makes the first move. It can be physical or verbal. Intimate touching and/or whispering something naughty into one’s are big hints that two people would like get together.


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