How Nutritionists Help Lose Weight

Updated at: Jun 19, 2012
How Nutritionists Help Lose Weight

How Do I Lose Weight with a Nutritionist: Nutritionists help you lose weight by designing the ideal weight loss plan for you.

Vatsal Anand
Weight ManagementWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: May 30, 2012

How Nutritionists Help Lose WeightWith obesity having attained epidemic proportions all over the world, weight loss has become one of the major segments of the health industry. In countries such as USA, whose two-third of population are reported to be overweight, several products have cropped up offering to provide the ultimate solution for the problem of excess weight. But if you are serious about weight loss, consult a good nutritionist. If you are wondering, “How do I lose weight with a nutritionist?” bear in mind that nutritionist can help you understand the type of diet most suitable to help you lose weight.

Nutritionist tips to lose weight


  • Choosing the type of nutritionist – You need to choose between a registered dietician, certified clinical nutritionist, and a nutritionist with a degree. These are different type of diet or nutrition counsellors with different levels of educational and professional qualifications.
  • Collaborating with fitness trainers – Quite often the nutritionists would design a diet plan after consultation with a fitness trainer. Weight loss along with muscle building is the requirement of professional sportspersons, but it is often recommended as healthy weight loss option for other people too.
  • Calorie diary – Before visiting a nutritionist, you should prepare a list of the foods eaten in the last three days. You need to be careful in jotting down the food that you ate along with the quantity. This would help your nutritionist to prepare a meal plan suitable for you after analysing your meals. The nutritionist would tell you the foods that you need to avoid and those that you need to consume more of.
  • Learn more from your nutritionist – Do not be content with what is being told to you about diet plans. Ask about the grocery list, recipes and sample meals most suitable for you. He may not chalk out the complete meal plan for you and you may well have to insist for it. Although many people prefer to make their own plans after getting the instructions for it. Having learned all you could from the nutritionist, do the part of following the instructions with diligence.

Beware of ill-chosen nutritionists as many frauds have been found in this profession. If you are unable to locate a good one in your location, the internet gives you a good option for this. You get plenty of choices online and what’s more, they can all be verified for their authenticity. You might want to purchase a professional nutrition guide for weight loss.


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