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How Music Therapy Works?

Home Remedies By Jenita Gulati , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jul 06, 2011
How Music Therapy Works?

Music therapy works by making a connection between music and mood.

woman listen musicMusic therapy makes a connection between music and mood. And the connection is a two way connection. You like listening to those songs which suit your mood and conversely the kind of music you are listening makes your mood in tune with that music. Not only this, music can effect psychologically, it affects respiration, heart rate and blood pressure. Music is used to communicate while treating patients mentally because music has its own well-defined language. It can help patients come out of their isolated world. Curing of neurological problems through music is called entrainment which helps in improving motor skills. Music also helps in distracting patients from their negative experiences, boredom and impatience.

Scientifically music can reduce stress, enhance mood, and it is also an aid for stroke victims and the disabled. Music therapy works for different patients differently.


  • Music helps the disabled to express themselves better and melody, lyrics, beats and rhythm are used to treat them physically as well as mentally. People suffering from autism and schizophrenia are brought back to life from their cocoon with the help of music therapy.
  • For stroke victims and those with neurological disorders, music therapy works wonders. Because your muscles move according to the beats, it is a relaxing exercise.
  • Doctors and surgeons use music therapy too. Music therapy works by distracting their patients from the pain.
  • It is said that “feel good hormones” are released while listening to music which help in curing depression, chronic stress and anxiety.


Music has many advantages. A child looks for the source of the music when s/he hears it. This automatically means that not one but two sensory organs are working. Also, it has been proved that both the hemispheres of the brain process music. Music is interesting and it trains the brain to discriminate. Lullabies are sung to children to calm them down. Our bodies are attuned to music and give physiological responses to it. Music is therapeutic in nature as it is directly linked with our emotions. Music gets stored in our memory easily thus enhancing learning. Earlier knowledge was spread by singing verses such as in the Bhakti Tradition. Thus music therapy is a boon for patients, and specialists use it to treat various ailments.


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