How much sadness is too much?

Updated at: Aug 09, 2018
How much sadness is too much?

There could be many reasons behind your sadness but sadness is something that can any day turn into deep rooted depression.

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Mental HealthWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Aug 09, 2018

We all get sad. We all go through phases where smiling feels like a far-fetched activity. There will be times when you don’t feel like getting out of bed and do things; you just wish to lie down and let your tears flow. We all cry, we all go through breakdowns and in that particular moment, no joy exists for the sad person. 

how much sadness is ok 

There could be many reasons behind your sadness but sadness is something that can any day turn into deep rooted depression.

Yes, prolonged sadness will turn into depression and you would not even know. There’s a very thin line between sadness and depression. Sadness is considered normal and a very healthy reflex to afflictions but depression is a serious condition that many a times calls for medical attention. 

Feeling sad and being in depression has somewhat similar signs and symptoms. There could be many events causing normal sadness and then that sadness turns into depression but other than this, doctors classify depression as chemical imbalance in brain. Now, this chemical imbalance in brain can also be because of genes other than your emotions. 

How will you tell the difference? As per researches, difference between sadness and depression is based on the duration and intensity. A normal person can be sad over so many things, the duration of sadness becomes depression when lasts longer than a week or may be some months. 

The common triggers of sadness

There could be many reasons and many triggers of sadness. Loss of a loved one, failure in a job interview, fight with a best friend and so on, are enough reasons to trigger sadness but when sadness caused by any of such events lasts longer, turns into depression. 

Below is a list of some common triggers of sadness but can increase the rosk of depression. 

Death of a loved one

Death is the biggest grief in someone’s life. Death of someone you loved is enough not just to make you cry but is enough to make you land in a pool of depression. It can even take years of therapies and treatment to overcome. It’s not just the grief alone but the feeling that you get when you lose someone precious. 

Bad breakups

A breakup or a divorce can be another reason to be sad. When someone you loved, someone with whom you spent a considerable amount of time breaks up with you is again a big reason to be sad. This reason is a potential cause of depression. You may have seen people sulking over their ex’s for months and sometime years.   

Loss of job

Now loss of job might not be big enough to trigger depression but yes, loss of your favorite job or a job that gave you bread is enough to make you sad. 

Health problem

Many a time, a prolonged illness or an illness where you are left with a vulnerable physical state can make you sad definitely and this sadness can depress you. 

You must know that there could be a million causes of sadness but turning it into depression are your own thoughts. Try to overcome your sadness as soon as possible, before it turns into depression.

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