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How Menopause can Impact Your Relationship

Snr By Pratima Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Nov 14, 2012
How Menopause can Impact Your Relationship

Intimacy in Relationships - With the reproductive system of women coming to a halt after menopause, it can have a lasting and serious impact on your relationship with your partner.

Menopause in women can occur anytime between forty five to fifty five years of age and is easily one of the most dreaded phases in her life. Menopausal apprehensions are often related to the changes it will bring to your life, to your physical appearance and most importantly to the coveted relationships you share with some of the most loved people in your lives.


The menopausal phase signals an abrupt closure of the reproductive system of the body, which is no longer of any use. In most cases, this shutting down can be painfully sudden, leading to abrupt and abnormal changes which can have negative impacts on your relationship with your partner. In some especially lucky cases however, the symptoms start to show quite early in the day as the body prepares for this closure gradually. A slow process provides the time to the mind and the body to come to terms with the associated unpleasantness it brings along.


Menopause and Relationships—The Correlation

The impact of menopause on your relationship can be substantial. Some of them could be related to the following menopausal side effects:

  • Lack of Sexual Libido: It is very characteristic and normal for a menopausal woman to experience lack of sexual libido resulting in a complete distaste in sex. Some associated symptoms also include vaginal dryness, hot vaginal flushes, and a general sense of feeling undesirable and unwanted. It might be difficult for the partner to come to terms with such abnormal behaviour. Also, it might cause substantial hindrances in the sex life of a couple and can be one of the major reasons for discord in marital or romantic relationships.
  • General Malaise: During menopause, the female body produces very little of oestrogen and progesterone. These hormonal fluctuations could lead to psychological problems to the tune of depression, lack of sleep, violent mood fluctuations, or getting overtly emotional. Such behaviour can sometimes take the partner by complete surprise. Unnatural and unfamiliar responses from the woman can be quite a baffling experience to deal with. Such behavioural changes can potentially contribute to the incidence of frequent quarrels and disagreements.
  • Gaining Weight: The menopausal phase is often associated with weight gain as well. In addition, most women also start losing hair and developing skin dryness and rashes. Such unwarranted changes in the physical appearance can affect both partners. The woman might find it difficult to cope with these distortions. Similarly, the perceptions of the husband could also suffer a major jolt, especially if he has been particularly smitten by his partner’s drop dead looks through all these years.

However, despite the above logical reasons, menopause can only affect a relationship if there is a lack of understanding, respect and sensitivity among partners. This could be one of the most traumatic and emotionally draining phases for the lady. The onus of seeing her through without any apparent tiffs or frictions lies with the man. Ideally, both partners should be respectful of each other for what they are as people, and not for how they look or behave. Mutual support can always help in dealing with biological problems such as these.


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