How to Make Twins Sleep

Mar 21, 2012

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Twins Sleep

Knowing how to make twins sleep may be a great deal of a task. While it may be an extra showering of blessing to have given birth to twins, getting both the babies to sleep and stay asleep may haunt you for several nights. It is always a good idea to stick to the theory that twins, having lived and grown inside the womb together for 42 weeks, must be put to sleep together once they are out of the womb, as well.

It is better to have the babies to sleep at the same time as this helps the babies to develop a good sleep pattern or habit and give you some relief from looking after them. If both the babies go to bed at different times, it is likely that either of them ends of up awake in the middle of the night thereby, giving you no time to rest. For all the pros of twins sleeping together, there are parents, who prefer developing individual routines in their babies. Well, if you belong to the latter, the Twins and Multiple Births Association recommend that you start early to avoid experiencing protests from your babies when they grow up.

Here are ways on how to make twins sleep:


Develop a Calming Bedtime Routine

You can set a bedtime routine for your babies when they are as young as six to eight weeks old. A quiet or soothing routine may include a warm bath, bedtime song or story, few minutes of quiet talking and cuddling etc. If you train your babies by virtue of these quiet routines, they may be able to settle down and take you by a pleasant surprise.



Swaddling or snuggling your babies by wrapping them in a cotton sheet will make the twins feel safe and ready for sleep. This, however, may depend on your babies as some babies like it and others don’t.


Put them to Sleep when they’re Drowsy

Help the babies to learn how to fall asleep on their own by letting them drift away to sleep when they are in bed instead of putting them to sleep.


Make the Babies Sleep in the Same Cot

Lying in close proximity to human skin calms the babies. Therefore, get both the babies to sleep together on the same cot. Put the babies on their backs with their feet lying close to the end of the cot. Never put the babies together in a small crib or Moses basket.


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