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How to Make Sex Good for Your Man

Snr By Gunjan Rastogi , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jun 12, 2012
How to Make Sex Good for Your Man

If you want to please your man on the bed, you need to add creativity and style to the way you present yourself before him in the bedroom.

How to Make Sex Good for Your Man

For enhancing your man’s sexual pleasure, you need to shun your shyness and inhibitions. Sex becomes great if you add some amount of emotional element into it. Be romantic and keep your hesitations away. Communication plus understanding between both of you is the key to keep your relationship intact with sex that is alive and refreshing. Here are some tips on how to make sex good for your man.


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Shed your Inhibitions

For making sex great for your guy, you need to relax. It is a misconception that great sex requires a perfect body. Do away with your low self-image and value what you have. Grace in your personality comes from your own perception of your body and the way you flaunt it. Once you accept that you have it all in you, you have already won half the battle.


Take the Lead

It has almost become a tradition that men will be the one starting any sort of physical intimacy, but to add spice in your sexual life, sometimes you can take the charge. You can start your thing from the living room or kitchen, and seduce him to follow you to the bed. Take decisions and make him your sex slave for the night, he’ll be on the top of the world. Dictate him and tell him what to do. This will surprise him and he will end up blindly following all your instructions.


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Bring on Something New

Try a new look to make your man go crazy.  From wearing a silk leaf swamp, you can go on trying different sexual positions. Creativity and variety will not only be a good change from your boring sex routine, but it will also uplift your man’s mood making him go wild. Other than awesome foreplay, you guys can indulge in a new sex game, watch a porn movie, look at erotic pictures or use sex toys. Spending erotic time together does not mean having sex frequently. Rather, it involves enjoying it and fulfilling each other’s desire.


Be Verbal

Be communicative while indulging in sex. Talks at this time need not necessarily be dirty; but do incorporate some sexy commentary and encouraging words to seduce your man. Let him know what you adore about him, how you feel when you both are together and what you enjoy the most in your intimate moments together. Restrain from becoming dramatic. Be honest to him as well as yourself. Throw your complains and criticism about him out of the bedroom’s window.



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Enjoy to the Fullest

Sex won’t be good if you do not enjoy it. Enjoy being together. This will let your man know what he can do to give you pleasure. Show gestures to give him an idea of what attracts you to him. Little  naughtiness will serve as a cherry on the cake.


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