How to keep Spark Alive in your Relationship

How to keep Spark Alive in your Relationship

Relationships need skill, and we are here to provide you with those essential ingredients that make a relationship fruitful and keep the spark burning.

How to keep Spark Alive in your Relationship

To keep a relationship from going stale, you will have to breathe life into it from time-to-time. No one has ever understood why we fall in love or if there is a right way of loving someone and Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves said it right: “falling in love and having a relationship are two different things”. Do you think you have the answers or know the difference? Well, even if not, we can help you on keeping the spark alive in your relationship. Read the mini guide with helpful tips.


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Make your Spouse/Lover your Priority

It is sad how even on your worst days you have to put up the act of a ‘Good Samaritan’ when dealing with your lover; you cannot do what you want to do. You will always have to make your lover, your priority even when all you want to do is to go to the local bar and hit on the first person you see, drink like a mad dog and pass out on the street.  But instead, the dinner table awaits your presence and the small talks await its destiny.  You will have to be there, everytime, standing beside that ‘special’ person.


There is no better way to make up than to kiss someone; kiss your lover every chance  you get. Chances are that your lover or spouse will be sure of his or her presence and importance in your life; they will certainly feel very special. You don’t really have to make out on a daily basis, just kiss him or her goodnight, kiss before going out, kiss when you get back home, and just kiss, will you?


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Have Fun

Relationship doesn’t mean you need to sit uptight and have a serious discussion on something; you are not in a new wave French film so spare yourself from the Goddard or Jean Eustache fever. Modern world has a lot to offer, so get on with some of the exciting extra-curricular activities that are there for you to explore as a couple.  You can go out for a film, or to an amusement park, you can also take a bike trip, or do something that young lovers do, just bring in the thrill and excitement.

Make Sex Count

Sex is for sure an important part of a relationship, and you must make it count. Do not just have sex for the sake of itl make love. We say you must build-up some sexual tension and be sex deprived (sweeter results later on!) for a few days. Or if you can’t control the thumping need then enjoy some foreplay before making love with your partner.  


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So, now that you know how to keep the spark glowing in your relationship you must also understand that  it is your job to get things on track.


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