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How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Snr By Gunjan Rastogi , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 06, 2013
How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Low testosterone levels not only affect one’s libido but also make the person susceptible to many other physical problems such as muscle loss. Therefore, boosting testosterone levels naturally can not only help you prevent such conditions bu

How to Increase Testosterone NaturallyTestosterone is a sex hormone in humans which directly impacts the sexual and reproduction function. This sex hormone is produced by testicles and is often associated with “manhood’ though women have it too but in lower levels.

According to the book Textbook of Men’s Mental Health by Dr Jon E Grant and Marc N.Potenza, the mean testosterone level among all adult males is 479 ng/dL, with hypogonadism commonly defined as levels below 200 or 300 ng.dL. Dr. Devendra Sengar, author of Men’s Health says that around the age of 40, a man’s body produces less testosterone. Although it seems to be a harmless decline, it can kill a man’s libido and can make him impotent as he ages.

Reduced levels of male sex hormone can cause:

  •     obesity
  •     brittle bones
  •     reduced bone density
  •     muscle loss
  •     affect red blood cell count.

If you have been experiencing any change in your sexual desire such as no erection, then you may have fallen prey to hypogonadism (Low testosterone count).

Tips to Naturally Increase Testosterone

Get rid of your protruding belly:
According to a research presented at the Endocrine Society meeting in 2012, overweight or obese men have more chances of having low testosterone levels than men who weigh normally. Therefore, shedding extra pounds may help you increase your testosterone levels as you age.

Joseph Zmuda, an epidemiologist at the University of Pittsburgh, explained that excess body fat leads to increase in estrogen levels that in turn decrease testosterone levels. Maintaining your body weight will naturally lead to controlled estrogen levels and increased testosterone levels.

People who weigh 30 percent more than what their ideal body weight should be are more likely to experience hormonal shifts than those who weigh only 3-5 pounds extra. To lose weight, one should limit his fructose consumption and proscribe all sources of refined carbohydrates and fatty acids from his diet.

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Add minerals and vitamins to your diet:
Our diet has an important contribution to the production of testosterone. For the natural production of male sex hormone, our glands require certain minerals such as magnesium, selenium and zinc. As per the report issue in ‘Nutrition’ in 1996, zinc deficiencies have been associated with low testosterone levels in males. The National Institute of Health has listed oysters, beef shanks, pork shoulder and Alaskan king crab as the top four sources of dietary zinc that help increase testosterone naturally.

According to the 2010 issue of "Clinical Endocrinology (Oxford)", those men who have sufficient amount of vitamin D tend to have higher testosterone levels than those who have vitamin D deficiency. Apart from adequate sun exposure, having sufficient amount of milk every day may help you build higher levels of vitamin D.

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Have monosaturated fats:
According to a research on hypogonadism, having a diet rich in monosaturated fats boosts high testosterone levels. The sources of monosaturated fats that you can include in your diet are canola oil, peanuts and its butter, nuts such as cashews and olive oil.

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Resistance Training:
A Finnish study found that lifting heavy objects can give great boost to testosterone levels. So, increase the weight on your dumbbells and lift them every now and then. Another study found that reducing the rest intervals between sets of two exercises can also trigger testosterone levels to increase. The study found that 60 seconds break between a set of squat and bench press increases the male sex hormone most as opposed to a rest interval of 90 seconds.

Eat pasteurised animal products: A prospective cohort study of Air Force veterans found that conventionally-raised animal products such as dairy and animal fats have accumulated toxin substances called dioxins that can interfere in one’s natural production of testosterone. For higher testosterone levels, you should try to include grass-fed and pasteurised animals in your diet. This will decrease your exposure to toxic substances thus, reducing your risk of hypogonadism as well as of testicular cancer.

Testosterone is an essential hormone for normal functioning of your body, physical strength and endurance and therefore, you should make efforts to naturally enhance the male hormone. Leading a stress-free life, monitoring your body weight, moderating your diet and building resistance are the key steps to boosting testosterone naturally.


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