How to Improve Your Dating Skills

Jun 09, 2011

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Couple in resturantIt’s in your hands to turn your date into either the most cherished moment of your life or into a dreaded experience. No one is born perfect but by keeping some small things in mind you can improve your dating skills to a great extent. Imagine a situation where you and your date are trapped in awkward situations when you do not know what to talk about and what to do. Obviously, this is not a desired situation. If you are wondering how you to improve your dating skills, here are some of the tips through which you can master the dating skills:


Dating skills

  • First and foremost, you need to prepare yourself for dating. Do not commit to your date half-heartedly. Once you have decided to date, start to know about your own self first and feel confident about the way you are. Confidence brings a charm in your personality.
  • Dress up for the occasion and try to look the best you can. If you expect your date to look glamorous and attractive, the same is expected of you too. Al though remember the dating manners and etiquette for a fun time!
  • Never forget to wear a pleasant smile on your face. Smile lights up the face and makes you more approachable and attracts people towards you.
  • Always compliment your date. However, make sure that the compliments are genuine. Paying compliments shows that you have noticed your date and like certain things about them.
  • Establishing eye contact is very necessary as it makes the other person feel more comfortable. However, make sure that you do not stare at your partner continuously as it is a major turn off.
  • Try to be a good listener. It is very important to listen to your date rather than speaking all the while. By being a good listener, you can get to know your partner better and also give them a chance to express themselves.
  • It is very necessary to keep the conversation alive. Take the initiative to talk and never allow awkward silences hit between you two. Also, make sure that the conversation is light and enjoyable and avoid any unpleasant topics that might make your date uncomfortable.
  • Bring in the element of humour in your date as most of the people enjoy the company of good-humored people. However being humorous does not mean making fun of anyone; it just means staying light hearted and keeping the environment alive.

Like most of the things in life, dating skills too can be improved with practice. However, while dating, always keep in mind that dating is a way to meeting people and socialising . While dating you may come across some wonderful people who have something interesting to offer.

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