How Human Hair Extensions Work

Apr 23, 2012

Quick Bites:

Human hair extensions are high on demand, with enthusiasts choosing the hair technique to bring in the element of attractiveness in their overall profile. Human hair, actually artificial hair, are used to boost the life span of the extensions along with creation an attention-seeking hairdo.

While opting for the technique, one needs to figure out quality and compatibility of human hair, which sometimes turns out to be a nightmare. Owing to bad quality, human hair extensions could happen to be dry, brittle and tangling.

What are Human Hair Extensions?

Human hair can defined as strands of hair which are attached to hairline for highlighting, increasing volume or length. These are widely used in dressing up for the special occasions and gatherings. In human hair extensions, women have found innumerable options to style their hair.

Methods of Getting Hairdo with Human Hair

You can get hairdos of various kinds with the help of human hair. Among the popular ways to bond/attach human hair extensions are using clip-on, coiling and bonding. Moreover, these could be attached through a warm or cold fusion or with the help of chemical glues. Using human hair instead of synthetic hair appear natural, and are far easier to manage. Additionally, there are plentiful textures and colours that will match with your hair.

Other Important Considerations

  1. Human hair extensions are costlier than any form of hair extension. Therefore, give a second thought before choosing the technique for yourself.
  2. Don’t go for specific extension without having considered aftermaths, only on the preference of colour or style. Seek advice of hair care expert or discuss it with your stylist so that human hair extensions fit well in your hair color and texture.
  3. Know all pros and cons of various kinds of human hair extensions, which could make a better impact than the one you have preferred.
  4. Taking care of hair extensions is another aspect that needs to be addressed. Condition of human hair extensions you get depends on the way they are handled.
  5. Like artists, ascertain that none can figure out that you have got hair extensions. It should be done with precision that even you could not differentiate between extensions and your own hair.


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