How to Hide an Affair

Sep 26, 2012

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How to Hide an Affair

An affair, as some would say, is an escapade, an experiment without any definitive future. An affair can prove to be fun; the disloyalty in it, the hypocrisy in it and the fear of getting caught are all too exciting. While you may think that you are doing a very good job in hiding your affair from public eye, it may not be so. An affair is supposed to be hidden and shelved away for your own good; most times, an affair wrecks more than two lives.


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You may be having an affair outside your marriage or relationship and to hide it is very difficult given the technological advancements of today. Be careful not to ever leave any digital tracks! This is the ground rule for a modern day affair; there is no safe place to romance anymore!


Let’s take a look at the ways in which you can hide your affair -


Stop feeling guilty – This may sound like a heartless little tip, but come on, you knew what you were getting into from the very beginning! So, be calm and don’t hesitate to be free of guilt; just come to terms with the fact that you have fallen in love yet again! You should be able to face your infidelity with a mighty heart. Don’t think too much if you are really interested in keeping this affair going.
Do not meet in public – Unless you are really wishing to get caught, do not go out in the public and date. Remember about the technology that we talked about earlier? Just think how bad it would be if you are out in the public, arm in arm with your lover and someone clicks a photo! That would be the major  tragedy that can befall upon your affair. Meeting in public is a strict no.


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Be normal – Do not behave like it’s the first time you are hearing the Beatles. Don’t be all lovey-dovey, smiling every now and then, thinking about your lover and being busy on your phone. Do you see yourself when you text your lover? Most times, there  will be a bright smile hanging on your lips. Remove that smile and be  normal. Also, do not go out at odd hours and never make stupid excuses, such as that of  working overtime every now and then. Your spouse or  partner will begin to suspect.
Keep your mobile phone secure – back in the old days, there was no immediate threat of getting caught; but now-a-days, the mobile phone business is getting on our nerves. You cannot have a safe affair with your mobile phone around. Your lover is bound to send you messages and sometimes, your inbox would be full of them. Imagine if you are sleeping, your phone beeps/rings and someone else goes to check it out of curiosity? All hell will break lose! Always keep secure your phone with a secret code/pin and keep it on silent mode when you are not around.

Hence, my friends keep a steady nerve and fall in love if you need to. Have an affair to remember.


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