How Herbalife helps in Weight Loss?

Updated at: Jan 16, 2013
How Herbalife helps in Weight Loss?
Pratima Sharma
Weight ManagementWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Jan 16, 2013

California based Herbalife is renowned for its weight loss plan known as ShapeWorks. As per this supplement, you can replace two meals in a day with Herbalife shakes. If you want to lose weight with Herbalife, then you should buy their herbal tea concentrate, protein powder and shake mix.

  • For breakfast, mix two scoops of shake mix with juice, soy milk as well as non-fat milk. Add one scoop of personalized protein powder, fruit, and ice and then blend well.
  • For herbal tea, mix ½ tbsp in a cup of cold water and then add hot water to it. Around 10 a.m. you can take another cup of tea with a small serving of snacks.
  • For lunch, mix fruits, oatmeal with another glass of shake.
  • Finally for dinner include two cups of cooked or raw vegetables; also include protein and multi grain starch. It is also important to drink a lot of water throughout the day to make the diet more effective.

Herbalife Weight loss program aims at personalizing the daily protein intake as per individual body demands and imparting enough energy to keep you active while you lose undesirable weight phenomenally and in a short span of time.




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