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    How to Heal from a C-section

    Pregnancy By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / May 16, 2013
    How to Heal from a C-section

    A C-section may not seem to be as demanding of care as a vaginal birth, but the fact of the matter is that the consequences are quite the same and must be paid close attention to for quick healing.

    How to Heal from a C section

    C-section, otherwise known as caesarean section, refers to the surgical birth of a child. A c-section requires more care than vaginal birth. To be able to care for the C-section incision better, one must try to know what really happens during a c-section.

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    What to expect after a C-section?

    A woman who has just had a C-section will most likely experience the same things as the one who has just given birth vaginally, however, there may be a few different experiences to expect. Some of these include the following:

    • Even though the birth wasn’t natural, the woman will experience bloody discharge, fatigue, post-birth discomfort, constipation and difficulty in urinating.

    • Pain around the incision spot, difficulty in walking around and sharp pains in and around the incision site because the abdominal organs also get affected during surgery.

    What to do next

    Follow the doctor’s advice: when you have been discharged from the hospital and there is little scope of you being given the same amount of care as you can expect in the hospital, make sure that you follow all the orders given by the doctor. Since each case of C-section is different, you would be given specific set of orders with regards to what and how you should be during the recovery process.  The set of guidelines will be regarding the activities that you can perform when going through the healing process, how you can best care for the stitches, when to call a doctor and how to watch out for certain signs of danger.

    Move around

    This may seem impossible in the beginning because of the pain that may be experienced around the incision site. Light walking can make a woman recover successfully from a c-section. Light walking can help a woman relieve constipation that is very common post-pregnancy and prevent blood clots. Walking also increases blood circulation throughout the body, thereby promoting healing.

    You may also indulge in light exercises that will help to boost the immune system and prevent common medical problems like pneumonia that are highly likely post C-section surgery.

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    Give the Abdomen enough Support

    After the surgery, coughing and sneezing can be extremely painful. In such a case, supporting the abdomen with a soft pillow can reduce the pain and therefore, reduce the risk of the incision opening. If you are a breastfeeding woman, you must try to use a pillow to support the baby while nursing instead of placing the baby directly on your abdomen.

    Clean the Incision regularly

    Since the incision will still be as bad as a fresh wound, you must try to keep it clean at all times. Make sure that it is dressed properly to reduce the risk of infection. The incision must only be touched with clean hands. In fact, they must not be touched unless the hands are clean or it is time for a change of dressing.

    Avoid wearing Tight Clothes

    Clothes that are loose fitting prevent the incision from being irritated or infected as a result of clothing rubbing against it.

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