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How to be Happy in a Sexless Marriage

Snr By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 29, 2013
How to be Happy in a Sexless Marriage

Relationship Help - Sexless marriage can be quit taxing to continue but if you value the companionship of your partner, it is not impossible to work out a solution.

How to be Happy in a Sexless Marriage

It is not easy to be happy in a sexless marriage. Although sex is not the be all and end all of marriage, it does play a crucial role in keeping the partners intimate. Good sex brings the two of you together in the start of the relationship but with the passage of time, it no longer remains a need but rather a way of expressing affection in many cases. A happy sexless marriage takes a lot of maturity and compassion on the part of the couples to bring about.

It would be better for starters that you and your partner talk about the reasons behind lack of sex in your relationship. Is there more to it than stress or any medical condition such as diabetes? If not, get the appropriate medical help and regain your sexual health. Other than this, if you have lost interest in sex or particularly sex with your partner, be honest about it. The difficulty in it is understandable but you need to take the risk of getting your partner angry. It is much better to be clear on this issue.


Ways to Stay Happy in a Sexless Marriage

  • Do not put the blame squarely on your partner for lack of sex in your relationship. This brings so much negativity in the relationship that it becomes poised to end very fast.
  • Let go of the pent up bitterness of the past. If this is too difficult, think of the happy days you spent with your partner, especially those in which sex had no part to play. There can be many sexless ways of increasing intimacy with your partner.
  • You can work on your emotional attachment by cuddling; kissing and things which make you feel close.
  • To turn a new leaf in your relationship, you should go to the basics, i.e. enjoying time with each other. Do not allow things to be as complicated as they are. Dating, movies and all the fun things you enjoyed before marriage can help to bring back the old spark or at least bring the two of you together.

If you treasure your partner enough, sex or no sex should not matter. If you have a fondness for the life you two have created together, the strain of continuing with a sexless marriage may not be overwhelming. You will only need to work on it to stay positive and happy.


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