How to Give a Newborn Baby a Bath

Updated at: Oct 19, 2011
How to Give a Newborn Baby a Bath

Newborn Care- Newborn baby bathing needs to be handled systematically. This article brings to you step-by-step procedure of newborn baby bath.

Written by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Oct 19, 2011

Bathing a newborn baby can be both immensely enjoyable and intimidating at the same time. It is natural for parents to be extremely concerned about bathing their newborns, especially if they are first time parents. The concept of newborn baby bathing has been a topic of major deliberation and research over the years. As a result, we have the most innovative newborn baby bath tubs flooding the markets. According to facts put forth by, you can procure baths with temperature control, non-skid surfaces and padded linings to ensure an improved bathing experience.

However, answers to questions like how to give a newborn baby a bath do not lie in procuring fancy tubs alone. It’s about the bonding between the mother and her baby and how comfortable she makes him feel during the process. Clearly, when it’s about a newborn baby’s bath, emotions do play a major role. During the initial weeks, certain sequential steps need to be adhered to while bathing a newborn baby for the first time:


  • Newborn baby bathing needs to be handled systematically. Therefore, before bathing you need to assemble everything you require during the bathing process. Plan everything in such a way as you don’t need to get up again until the bathing process is completely over.
  • Be thoroughly prepared before initiating the bathing process. Wear comfortable clothing with preferably no jewellery. Use an advanced bath tub and keep it clean for a hygienic wash.
  • Fill the tub with water and check the temperature; ideally it should be slightly warm. Now place the baby comfortably between your legs which has been spread out, and undress him. Place the baby in the water, taking care so that he does not slide below the surface level of the water. Then, proceed to moisten his entire body and head, using the palms of your hands to cup the water.
  • Clean his eyes with a moist cloth. Apply soap to the cloth and work up a lather, applying all over the infant’s body. Rinse the body carefully with water, before applying some tear-free shampoo and massaging it well into the scalp. Depending upon the level of the water surface, you can tilt the head backwards a little and wash the scalp this way. Alternatively, you can wash it using  a cup and pouring water slowly over his head.
  • The water in the tub will have turned pretty soapy by now, so you might feel the need to drain all the water and refill the tub again with fresh water. Rinse your baby thoroughly, so that his hair and body can be rendered completely soap free. If the need to refill doesn’t arise and the water looks clean enough, you can actually rinse him right away.
  • However, once the wash is over, you need to always drain out the water first and then lift the baby to dry him thoroughly.

Bathing a newborn baby requires a successful amalgamation of the right procedures and that special motherly bonding. When it comes to bathing newborn baby products like shampoo and mild body washes should also be chosen with great care and attention.


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