How to get tan without burning

Jul 12, 2012

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A coveted tan has always been in vogue. Earlier, it was as simple as spending hours in the sun for working up that shade of bronze.

However, the depleting ozone layer is no longer capable of filtering the ultraviolet radiations of the sun. Therefore, when we expose ourselves to sunlight for a considerable period of time, the UV rays affect the skin in various ways.

How to get tan without burning

The major side effects of a prolonged exposure include burns, freckles, wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots. The challenge lies in acquiring a tan without burning the skin in the process.

Research has come up with various cosmetic products which aid sunless tanning.

  • You need to apply them and keep them on for a considerable period of time, for that enviable shade of bronze.
  • Choose a suitable product for acquiring a tan without burning there could be several advantages of the same.


Working up a Tan without Burning — The Procedure

Follow these steps for preventing your skin from burning when you plan to work up a tan.

  • Hunt for a place which remains sunny throughout the afternoon. Ideally, this should be in close proximity to your home or your vacation destination. Once the spot has been finalised, you should be prepared to spend the afternoon in the sun, relaxing with a book or a drink! Keep a timer handy.
  • Use a lounge chair. Spread out a towel over it and lie down on your back. Now lay still and let the sunrays work for exactly fifteen minutes. Use the timer, or you might overdo it leading to sunburns. At the end of fifteen minutes, turn around and expose your back to the rays of the sun for another fifteen minutes.
  • At the end of the first half hour, you need to apply sunscreen. You can stick to a product with SPF 25 for controlled exposure. You need to apply sunscreen liberally all over the body, in uniform strokes.
  • Once the sunscreen has been applied evenly, you need to rotate the lounge chair through 180 degrees and expose each side of your body to the sun for twenty five minutes each.
  • Ideally, this exposure should be enough for the day. However, if you wish to continue the tanning process, you will need a sunscreen with SPF of about 35.
  • This process needs to be repeated in the same fashion the following day. At the end of the second day, the tan should be perfect. If the results are not as desired, you can continue for the third day.

Following these steps can prove to be the ideal answer to queries like how to get a perfect tan without burning. However, there are several sun tanning products in the market which are worth a try. You can try some of the best known brands for a completely satisfactory experience.


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