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How to get Rid of Hair Knots

Hair Care By Arshad Said Khan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Oct 05, 2012
How to get Rid of Hair Knots

How to get rid of hair knots? If you have long hair then you must know the woes of hair knots. Long hair requires a vigilant owner who makes sure the tresses remain untangled and smooth.

How to get Rid of Hair Knots

Anybody with long hair knows the woes of hair knots. Long hair requires a vigilant owner who makes sure the tresses remain untangled and smooth. However, if you find yourself frequently at the mercy of loops and ties know that it may require patience but it is possible to get rid of hair knots. [Read: Home Remedies to Tame your Mane]

Step 1

Wash your hair as you normally do but it would be beneficial to look for a detangling shampoo and conditioner. Finger comb your hair under running water when you’re done. It’s best to do so under a shower head with warm water. If you have oiled your hair previously do not bother about washing it all off. Hair matted with oil will aid in loosening up the knots later. On the other hand do not be afraid of over shampooing either. If your hair needs more cleansing it is a good idea to wash thoroughly as dirt can hinder your attempts to get rid of knots.


Step 2

Let your hair dry completely using a soft towel. Avoid blow-dryers as they tend to dry out your hair further. Even when you’re using a towel, rub your hair slowly and gently between the towel sheets in downward strokes. Taking care to minimise friction and therefore more knots.


Step 3


Apply a detangling serum evenly or use one with a spray. Divide your hair in sections and begin combing from below in small parts with a wide toothed comb. Make sure to apply gentle stroke moving from the body of your hair downwards yet away from the body. As you work upwards go all the way down lest newer knots may form. Those with kinky hair may want to keep their hair somewhat moist with a leave in conditioner as they form knots quickly when dry. [Read: Types of Combs and Their Uses]


Other Considerations

  • It is best to oil your hair frequently as in most cases dry scalp and hair leads to knots.[Read: Ways to Cure Dry Itchy Scalp]
  • Those with extra curly hair may need to wear a loose plait to keep hair from getting unruly and knotted up.
  • Dry straight hair leads to frizz which in turn becomes knotty. Keep the frizz out by using natural conditioners.
  • Always finger comb your hair before picking up any other combs to avoid damage.
  • Brushes are never a good idea for knotted hair. You will end up with broken hair and split ends. Always use wide to medium toothed combs in soft plastic or polished wood.
  • Know that smoothening serums are a means to an end. Use them to detangle and gloss your hair. They are not a solution for undernourished and dry hair.


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