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    How to Get Pregnant after Birth Control Pill

    Pregnancy By Gunjan Rastogi , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Sep 17, 2012
    How to Get Pregnant after Birth Control Pill

    How to Get Pregnant after the Pill— If you want to conceive after discontinuing oral contraceptives, ensure that your periods have normalised and you’re healthy to conceive.

    How to Get Pregnant afterBirth Control Pill Wondering if the birth control pills you’ve been taking from quite a while will interfere with your menstrual cycles and reduce your chances of conception? Or whether it is safe to conceive immediately after discontinuing oral pills? Let’s find out.


    It is safe to get pregnant immediately after discontinuation of pills, however, once you discontinue pills, it takes a little time for ovulation to begin. It may take a few weeks or months to normalise. Women, who’ve had irregular periods or had PCOS prior to initiation of pills, may experience more problems in normalising their ovulation cycle than than those who’ve had regular periods. Listed below are tips to increase your chances of getting pregnant after discontinuing the contraception pills.


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    General Health Assessment: After stopping taking pills, visit your gynaecologist for general health assessment. Before nurturing a child, you may require special immunisation or medical test to ascertain that you are in the best of your health to conceive. Also, a medical check-up may diagnose an underlying medical condition, which may temporarily halt your chances of pregnancy. 

    Take Fertility-Enhancing Supplements: Folic acids and prenatal vitamins are prerequisites to successful conception. Start taking them even before you stop oral contraceptives. Apart from unhampered foetal development, folic acid aids in enhancing fertility, therefore, a necessary inclusion in your prenatal medications kit after you stop taking the birth control pills.


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    Complete your Oral Contraceptives Course: If you’ve started following a cycle or pack of oral contraceptives, complete it until the end. Do not stop taking pills abruptly i.e. when you are in the middle of a pack. This way, your body will complete a menstrual cycle and the chances of irregular or delayed periods after the pill will reduce.


    Take note of your Fertility-Window: It is possible to get pregnant immediately after stopping oral contraceptives, but this makes it difficult to determine the actual date of conception, which is necessary to predict the due date. Therefore, doctors suggest that you wait for three months to conceive after stopping the birth control pill. In these three months, you can chart out the exact duration of your ‘fertility window’ while letting your periods re-start. During these months, you can use another barrier method of contraception, such as a condom or cervical cap.


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    Contact your obstetrician or gynaecologist if your menstrual cycle doesn’t start within three to six months of discontinuing oral contraceptives. Some women need medical help to re-start their periods whereas others naturally take longer time than others. Usually, a woman starts menstruating within four to six weeks after stopping the pill. Along with the above mentioned tips, use an ovulation monitoring kit to track the days when you ovulate and accordingly time intercourse to multiply your chances of getting pregnant.


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