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How to get Pregnant after Miscarriage

Updated at: Nov 05, 2012
Written by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Jul 05, 2011
How to get Pregnant after Miscarriage

How to get Pregnant - For pregnancy after miscarriage it is important to prepare yourself at both the emotional and physical front.

Pregnant womanThe grief and sorrow associated with miscarriage makes pregnancy decision much difficult for some couples while the other may like to conceive right away. If you are planning to get pregnant after miscarriage then it is important to remind yourself that:


  • All pregnancies have their set of difficulties.
  • Talk to your doctor, especially if the genetic abnormalities have a role to play in your miscarriage.
  • Be introspective to know that you really want to get pregnant.


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When to Get Pregnant After Miscarriage

The best time to get pregnant after going through the devastating experience of miscarriage depends on various factors. Physical and emotional conditions of women are the most important consideration. Other factors to be considered include your age, family conditions and your relationship with your spouse.

The very first step for pregnancy after miscarriage is to determine your physical condition. It is equally important to talk to your partner about your desire to have a baby. Know what your partner feels at this stage, it is possible that both of you have different opinions when it comes to having a baby after miscarriage.


  • Emotional Condition:  After a miscarriage couples feel range of negative emotions. Frustration, anger, depression, blame and sadness are the common feelings after the pregnancy loss. Normally it takes few months to overcome this emotional trauma however, some people take longer to deal with the situation.
  • Physical Condition: Physical condition of women is important to determine the time to get pregnant after pregnancy. The kind of miscarriage you have undergone is likely to affect your physical health. For instant, at what stage you lose your pregnancy, whether the pregnancy expelled on itself or you required a surgery.


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How to get pregnant after miscarriage


Pregnancy after miscarriage is a very emotional experience. It may happen that you experience confusing emotions for instance, at time you may feel extremely happy with the idea of conceiving while at other moment you are anxious and afraid because of your past experience. Talk to your partner and seek counseling if both of you are not able to deal with the situation.


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It is important to be extra cautious from the planning stage till the delivery. If you are trying to conceive after miscarriage then it is important to start healthy. Maintain your health by eating right and exercising regularly. Talk to your doctor and stick to a healthy diet plan to get ready for pregnancy.


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