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How to Get Husbands to Talk About Sex

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jun 11, 2012
How to Get Husbands to Talk About Sex

Is your husband shutting out everytime you want to clear your thoughts about your sex life? Make sure you have taken these steps the next time you talk to him.

How to Get Husbands to Talk About SexIf you are a married woman, you may have realised that the age old belief that men are always ready to talk about sex is a myth. Some men sometimes, flinch not only at having sex but also at talking about it. If you are looking for ways to get your husband to talk about sex freely, here is something that can raise hope: the HealthDiscovery.com says that to keep passion alive in a long-term relationship, one must work towards enhancing communication. Better still, here are some ways in which you can enhance communication.


Decide the Right Time to Talk


Select a time when both of you will be free to talk without being interrupted. Married couples usually end up checking a nerve-ending list of tasks from those related to job to raising kids. There is a decent chance that your husband will hesitate to talk about sex because he thinks it will only be stress-inducing and wastage of precious time and little energy that he may be left with.


Be Honest

When you have got your husband to sit with you and talk about sex, ensure that you are honest with him i.e. state what you miss, what you would like him to do or what you think he is doing wrong or not doing anything at all. While you are discussing your problems with him, make sure that you don’t make the conversation one-sided. Give him space to talk about what he wants.


Portray a Non-Threatening Demeanour

When you sit at the table and are about to discuss about sex, make sure that you do not portray a non-threatening demeanour as that may make the husband unwilling to open up. Being impatient may make it difficult for your husband to talk. For instance, if you put yourself through as someone, who does not understand, your husband may find it hard to talk about erectile dysfunction or lack of sexual desire.


Listen Closely

Do not listen to your husband for the sake of it. Listen to him when he opens up and shares his thoughts with you. Resist your temptation to interrupt and jump into conclusions. Take the conversation as an opportunity to gain a better understanding of his feelings and thoughts about your sex life.


Conclude with a Hug

Non-verbal communication can be highly effective once you have settled on the idea of jumpstarting your sex life.



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