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How to facilitate effective Parent-Child Communication?

Updated at: Nov 08, 2016
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Written by: Dr Poonam SachdevPublished at: Nov 08, 2016
How to facilitate effective Parent-Child Communication?

Effective parent-child communication is important for development of trust and bonding between parent and child.

Do you know effective communication with a child can be difficult? Your child may actually fail to understand what you want and meant. Effective parent-child communication is important for development of trust and bonding between parent and child. Poor communication can cause anger and frustration for both the child and the parent.  


Parent Child Communication


Listed below are simple strategies to enhance communication with your child.

Eye contact

Right from the beginning you must encourage your child to make eye contact while speaking to anyone. Also, when you talk to your child look at him and talk. This shows your interest in the conversation.



It is better to sit down and talk to your child and understand their perspective. A yelling adult standing over the child can be scary.


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Simple language

Use simple words and sentences that your child can follow and understand. Do not use words and language that will confuse him. If your child can comprehend what you say then he will comply better with your requests.


Be clear and direct

Be clear in your request and instructions like do not say "Clean your room" Instead, say, "Go make your bed, and pick up your toys and books on the floor." This reduces the possibility of conflict.


Listen patiently

When your child has something to tell you, it is always better to listen patiently. You may be in a hurry but listening to your child helps develop parent child bond. And, later on he will come to you with problems rather than turning to peers.

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Respect and reason

Rather than yelling reason it out with your child. It gives way to healthy communication and critical thinking skills. In addition, it teaches them the importance of putting their point across.


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