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How to ensure effectiveness of setting incremental goals?

Weight Management
By Pratima Sharma , Expert Content / Jan 16, 2013
How to ensure effectiveness of setting incremental goals?

The first step to initiate a weight loss program involves goal-setting. Any goal that you set should be, by any standards - specific, attainable, realistic, time-bound and tangible. It’s always a good idea to break down long-term goals that seem far-fetched into a series of short-term incremental goals to ensure success. Although long-term goals help you in visualizing the ultimate picture you wish to achieve, incremental goals are practically more effective as you can finish them in short durations and feel encouraged to achieve more.


Setting incremental goals for weight loss will result in success only if your goals are:

  • Specific: List out your goals specifically as in, “will ensure intake of fresh fruits or nuts daily”.
  • Measurable: With concrete figures in mind, set goals like, “will lose 5 kgs in 2 months”.
  • Time-Bound: Set timelines for short-term goals like, “will lose one kg in a fortnight”.
  • Realistic: Choose realistic and attainable figures while setting incremental goals; else you may end up feeling discouraged.

However, it is important to achieve incremental weight loss goals only through a combination of nutritious eating and exercising as excessive weight loss achieved through ceasing calorie intake may result in health complications like severe damage of muscle tissues and lack of stamina.



Written by
Pratima Sharma
Source: Expert ContentJan 16, 2013

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