How to End a Date

Mar 23, 2012

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How to End a Date

Ending a date is not an easy thing to do. By finishing the dating properly, you can make a long lasting impression on your date, thereby deciding the future of your relationship.

If you have liked the person in the first date and want to date him/her again, parting gracefully increases your chances to date him/her again. The nice way to end a date is to understand the feelings of your date and reciprocate accordingly. There are few tips which you can follow to end a date gracefully:

  • If you feel that you are not going to meet this person in future, don’t show any intimacy when on your date.  It’s not good to keep someone waiting or emotionally caught up if you don’t have plans to continue any relationship with him/her. So be honest with your date.
  • Always end the date in a relaxed and fun manner. Be casual rather than being serious. This will develop a comfort level between you and your partner.
  • If you have enjoyed the company of your date, tell them about it before leaving. If you do so and your partner has also enjoyed your company, there is a chance of second date.
  • If you are not enjoying the date or it is going really very bad then try to end it early. Don’t be rude, but be truthful.
  • Pay attention to your partner’s body language. If you feel positive vibes, you can end the date with a good night kiss on his/her cheek. Kiss should be gentle and short. It should not be forceful. A hug can show that you are interested to meet him/her again.
  • If you are a guy, pay the bill. If you are with a girl then you should show courtesy towards her. By paying the bill you can show your generosity and can create a positive image in her mind.
  • If you are a guy, make sure that your date reaches home safely. Drop her in your car, but if she feels awkward going with you,don’t pressurise her. Arrange a cab for her and make sure she reaches safely.
  • If you find the date not very interesting, a simple handshake at the end of dating will send that message. On the other hand, a passionate handshake will have an inviting impression on your date.

Ending a date in an appropriate way can make and break any relationship. Even if you didn’t enjoy the date, it should be ended in a graceful way.



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